Monday, April 11, 2005

"Some Days Are Better Than Others"

"The trouble with unknown enemies is that they are so difficult to identify." - Elizabeth Peters (Amelia Peabody series)

The weekend is over and we all have to return to our day-to-day lives. Not that this is always a bad thing, but not always the most enjoyable. This weekend my parents and I went for our normal spring ritual - getting ice cream for dinner. Yummy. It was in the upper 60's on Sunday in Michigan and it was for a change sunny. Monday I will be return to BG for the last few weeks of the semester. I have even looked up my finals for this semester - I have one on Monday (computer architecture) and one on Thursday (software engineering). My parents are talking about going on a small vacation after the semester is over (and before I begin classes this summer) which has been fun planning and discussing our options. Going to the beach in Florida is high on the list.

I have also finished sorting through all my tax stuff. One thing I want to state: it is a pain to work in one state and live in a different state. I can get my state taxes back from Ohio and I have to turn around a pay for Michigan taxes (which are higher than the Ohio state taxes). Ugh, it was confussing. Michigan tax forms are not the easiest things to fill out. You have to do a lot of looking up to figure out what goes where and what counts for what. I also thought it was interesting how many people wanted you to donate money to various things on the state tax forms. But, that's just my opinion. Anyway, I am just rambling now. Here's some news you may or may not find interesting:

In a Flash, things are going to change. Flash 8 promises interface changes and "eye candy for end users". Ducky.

Ready, set, go! The race for the "best" desktop search begins. The contestants: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Robots building houses - what will they think of next?

Mammoth bones found in California about 30 miles from LA.

Want an iBook? Want a iMac? Apple offers new deals on refurbs. Check out the special deals from Apple. (OK, so it's not cheap, but still some discount is better than no discount).

Something new: "Non-acoustic sensors detect speech without sound".

Happy National Library Week!

On Monday Gateway is going to show off a new line of desktops and notebooks (i.e., Gateway takes on HP).

It appears that people will steal anything. OK, who doesn't think this is just plain odd?

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