Thursday, September 30, 2004

Quote 4: "Nothing is impossible, just Mathamatically improbable"

"Nothing is impossible, just Mathamatically improbable" - Sir August DeWinters, Avengers (movie 1998)

Although, Sir August DeWinters was the bad guy, I think the quote is a good one. It is important to remember this fact. Basically, you can do anything if you really want to. If it was easy everyone would be able to do it. Alright, I am trying to explain it, but really I am just making it harder to understand. So, I am going to just not explain it and hope you are able to figure it out on your own. You are all smart people, I have no doubts that you can figure it out.

Thank you for stopping by and reading today's quote. Sorry about the lack of updates. It has been a very busy week! (Two exams and such). Of course I never thought grad school was easy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Quote 3: "Courage is not the absence of fear..."

"Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all." - Mia's Father in The Princess Diaries movie.

(Of course, anyone who knows me knew that I was going to have a quote from one of my all time favorite movies). This quote in the movie inspires the main character Mia to decided to take the throne of Genova.

Anyway, I think it is an interesting and great quote from the movie. There are other great quotes from the movie. Most of them are not in the inspirational - they are just simply funny. Not that funny is bad, but that was not my point in this blog. Maybe I will have some funny quotes in a different blog. My favorite part of the quote is the last part. If you never take any risks than you are not really living. All the exciting things involve taking risks.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and checking out today's quote!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Quote 2: "I'll think about that tommorrow"

"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tommorrow." - Scarlett (Gone With the Wind).

I know what you are thinking - how can you possible get a positive spin out of that quote? I know that the point was to show how spoiled the character Scarlett was, but really there is something good to be said of the quote.

There is often times in one's life where someone or something that drives you crazy occurs while you are preparing for something important (presentation, quiz, exam, etc). I find that it is useful to think about the crazy thing tomorrow. Blocking it out of my mind until after the important event has occured. Of course this doesn't work for everytime or for everything. Often times you need to deal with it at that moment and it can't wait.

Anyway, I like the quote and Gone With the Wind is a legandary movie. I have seen it so many times. I am not sure why I like it. Possibly, because of the large scenes and this is before high tech computer graphics. It is an impressive movie and one that people really should see.

Thanks for stopping by and reading todays blog. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Next Week Theme: Great Quotes from Movies and TV Shows

(And Why I Think They are Great)

I will probably focus on movies, but occationally there is a great quote from a TV show that might end up in the blog. So, in other words, I didn't want to rule out TV show quotes as a possibility. Partly because come Friday one starts to run out of ideas.

I will probably repeat last weeks theme of questions later in October. I thought I would take a break there and do some lighter material. So to start the week off I will begin with one of my favorite quotes from a movie that I think everyone over 8 has probably seen (and because of the release of the DVDs this week).

"Do or Do Not. There is no try" - Yoda (Star Wars)

This quote is well, one that my parents often repeated to me as a child. Basically, my interruptation is either decide to do something or don't do something. Trying is not really an option. Or another way to think of it is 3 done things are better than 6 partly done things. As a college student I can see this quote having a lot of meaning. You can do whatever it is you want if you think you can. However, if you just "try" at it you are not going to get the full end result.

Hope you enjoy this weeks theme as much as I do! And you are having a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog. I appricate your visit.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

A Classic 80's Mac Game - Solarian II

From MacBlog I followed a link to a classic mac video game Solarian II. According to the site they have made a OS X version. So for those out there looking for some classic 80's games of their childhood to play again you should race over to this site and check it out. The game only cost $10. Which is pretty cheap if you think about it. (Of course I am thinking of most current video games which range from $20-$50).

Why Do We Visit other Countries?

Recently, I watched a re-run of a West Wing episode where people were heading to the United States in basically rafts and things loosely defined as row boats. I find it interest how many people in the United States want to visit other countries when it is clear that many people want to come to the United States because they believe it will give them a better life.

Of course most people want to visit Europe which last I checked, these people are not trying to come to United States for a better life. However, many people visit Mexico a country where many come to United States for jobs and trying to make better lives for themselves. I find this to be interesting. Of course, people visiting Mexico helps their society from the turists. I had know several people who have visited Mexico on school related trips and found it to be very exciting. The Travel Channel had a very interesting show about visiting Mexico - the beaches and oceans there look really nice.

Anyway, I always like thinking about the irony in situations. Well, Happy Weekend! The weekend is, in my mind, the greatest part of the week. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. By the way, tomorrow (or Monday) I will post my idea for next weeks theme.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Lack of Females in Computer Science - One Geek's View

As a female in computer science I often have puzzled over this question. Why does computer science seem to have so few females? As a graduate student, I see a higher percentage of female's in computer science than I do at the undergraduate level.

Computer science has many female role models (Grace Hopper, Lady Lovelace). There is even a company (Her Interactive) that specializes in computer games focused on the female market. So why the extreme lack of interest? I personally find the area to be highly rewarding and extremely fun.

Possible Reason #1: Old sterotypes still exist. Which I do think is true. There are some educational systems which still make females feel that math and science are not areas they excell in. Of course, those people are so totally wrong! Females can be just as good (or better) then males in math and science and gender has nothing to do with it! However, if the sterotype is seeded in one's mind at a young age, then it can be hard to alter or remove this incorrect information.

Possible Reason #2: Video games of the 80's were male focused. Ask any male computer science major why they decided to major in computers and most will give a similar answer: "I remember playing . I thought it was so cool! I wanted to know how to do that..." I dare you to try it out. Anyway, games are becoming more gender neutral in my mind. But without this important seed being planted in females at a young age, they have never wanted to find out how video games work.

Possible Reason #3: Don't want to be labled "geek". In a world were white teeth are the "in" thing, hoolywood role models are extremely thin, and the "in" clothing color is pink - geek just doesn't fit in. I know I have often stuggled with the two sides of my personality. I own more shoes than most of the male geeks I know put together. My thought - who cares if you are a geek? However, this takes someone who is not wanting to "fit in" with the sterotypes of society. I strongly believe that you can wear pink or the latest style and also be a geek - but, of course, that is just my opinion.

Possible Reason #4: They just have never thought about it. Really, I think most females never consider computer science as a major. That really we are dealing with a large group of people who do not really understand what being a computer science major is all about. Other science areas have been around longer and have a clear meaning. Computer science is an ever changing and evolving major. The area has made leaps and bounds in the past 20 years. So maybe by just getting the word out will help females become more interested.

Whatever the reason I am sure that one day computer science to will balance out as has the medical field and business. When will that happen? I don't know. One day female geek with be a tend and an "in" thing, until then those of us already in computer science will need to carve out what it means to be a female geek so that others may follow in our footsteps. If enough people slowly follow, the once light trail with become a well traveled road.

Thanks for stopping by. Join my blog another time for a new exciting blog. Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

What is it with Reality Shows?

According to the Bravo Channel their show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy got an emmy for best reality show. Which makes me wonder, what is the huge thing with reality shows? Why does it seem that so many channels are maving so many reality shows?

I have puzzled for this question everytime I see an ad for a new or returning reality show. So as you might guess I have puzzled over this for some time. I don't enjoy watching "reality shows" because well to me they don't seem very real. But a show about computer science graduate students would be rather boring if you think about it. Watching a bunch of 20 something's sitting around coding would not be very exciting. I am not against anyone else watching reality shows. However, these conclusions have still not anwsered my original question - why are there so many of these reality shows?

One thought I did have was the reality cheapness of the show. Think about it. Casts for some shows, for example Friends, made what was it a million per episode? (Trust me if anyone offered me a million an episode to be on a show I would jump at the chance. Also, I am totally for actors making that kind of money). A reality show where they give one person a million at the end (or after several shows) is significantly cheaper. Also, reality shows seem to get a lot of outside free publicity - "An American Idol" comes to mind. There was not a talk show or radio show not talking about it.

Plus, reality shows seem to get people involved in ways that other shows can't - or some say. However, I would think that many soap opera's have a similar "suck you in" aspect. I know people who follow some of the shows regerously. But, this blog isn't about soap opera's - so back to the subject at hand - reality shows.

I think the mystery of reality shows will remain hidden from us until we can completely develope artifical intelligence. Then we can create a super brain and ask it these very important questions. Lets just hope it doesn't give us the number 12.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed todays blog. Until next blog, so long!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why Would Anyone Want to Watch This?!?

The discovery channel show BIG! is one show idea I really wonder about. It is not a bad thing - but really how did they come up with it? Can you imagine the meeting?

Person 1: "Hey I just thought of this great idea!!"
Person 2: "What is that?"
Person 1: "Lets have a show where we build really big things!"
Person 3: "Hmm...sounds interesting...what would we call it?"
Person 2: "How about 'Design Big Versions of Random Stuff'?"
Person 3: "No we need something more simple."
Person 1: "Lets call it 'BIG!'"
Person 2: "'Big?'"
Person 1: "No - 'BIG!' - with an explaination point."
Person 3: "Definatly with an explaination point. Otherwise it would just wouldn't work."

Actually, I am sure that someone worked long and hard on the idea from this show. I have personally not watch the show - but I have heard about it. It seems to have a following of sorts. I don't know about you, but I could live without there ever existing a 7-foot toaster. But of course, that's just me.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Is the "War Paint" Really Needed?

I once heard make-up refered to as "war paint". I thought this was an interesting phase to associate make-up with. However, I can see some of the simularities. Anyway, as a female in my 20's I honestly say that I see a lot of females wearing a ton of make-up on nearly a day to day basis. I am in college, the heart of make-up wearing for females. This is partly due to the fact that these students are away at college for the first time and their parents don't see them on a regular basis. Anyway, this seems to lead to large quantities of make-up wearing. (Of course this is just my opinion and is not based on any hard evidence - just observations).

I personally don't wear much make-up. Mostly, I use lip gloss and/or lipstick. Nail polish is more of my thing. Why don't I wear make-up? Is it because I refuse to wear make-up? Am I against make-up? Is this my way of making a stand? No, No, and No. I simply don't wear make-up for two reasons 1)I am often allergic to the make-up and 2)I simply don't want to. On a day to day basis I don't want to wear make-up. While I was involved in competitive skating I did wear make-up at competitions. I wore make-up to weddings and my high school prom. I don't want to take the time to put make-up on before class, I would rather sleep. Don't get me wrong, make-up is fun and I like wearing lip stick. I just wonder - do more females feel like me or do they really think they "need" to wear make-up? Why do females choose to wear make-up? I think it can be boiled down to one simple answer "it makes you feel pretty".

Anyway, my point is: Wear make-up if you want to. Don't wear make-up if you don't want to. Over the years many people have commented on my lack of make-up wearing. I figure they are just jealous because I am comfortable enough with myself that I can choose not to wear make-up. So if you are a non-make-up wearing person and people feel the need to point this out - well all I can stay is keep your head up those people are just jealous.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Theme of the Week - "Questions"

I finally thought of a topic for this week - Questions. I figure it is a vast topic and if I think of lots of things I might try to extend it for two weeks. Surprise. Actually, I find myself asking "Why?!?" often. So I am hoping that the "idea well" will be full and doesn't dry up quickly.

Happy Sunday Everyone! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

How to Talk Like Pirate

Had to add a link to that. Since it is a "how to" guide.

Smells of Fall - Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here in Michigan it is in the low 70's - which is a big change from the upper 80's earlier in the week. Today, I stopped at an apple orchard place and got some cinnamon sugar donuts (oh and some apples too). The best part about Michigan in the fall is the cinnamon sugar donuts. Almost every apple place sells the donuts. The donuts are, of course, best fresh.

Last week I did "how to" articles. Which was fun for me, but I quickly ran out of ideas. I liked having a theme, but it is restrictive in a way. So the big question is what should my topic be next week? Hmm... as soon as I figure it out I will let you know. I have some ideas, but a theme is hard because you have to think of about 5 subtopics or parts. I also know that I will be pretty busy this week with class work - so that makes things a bit limiting. Maybe I can use a topic with only three subtopics next week.

Maybe I will just drop the theme idea. Who knows. I guess your will just have to stop by later this week and see what I decided. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 17, 2004

How to Get More and Spend Less

Hi there! Welcome to Stephany's "How to Get More and Spend Less" post. I decided that like the 100's of women focused magazines out there - I too should include my thoughts on the subject.
  • Target - I suggest if you are a "must have latest fad" this should be your first stop. Plus, many have $1 bins at the front of the store near the enterance. Check out some of the great $1 tendy stuff here. I got some great $1 asian inspired purses! A buck?!? I know I was shock, but I splerged and got two. Ok, so not all the clothes at Target look designer - but a lot of it does. I check out the clearance racks weekly (make sure you check the end of the aisles for bargins). If you save on the everyday things, you can have more in the long run.
  • Coupons! The key to bargin shopping. Often the ads and coupons make the Sunday paper worth getting delivered.
  • Check out the ads - often several stores have same or similar items.
  • Department store sale racks - this is the key of all good bargin shopping. Check these racks and check them often. Also, be willing to try on a size larger than you normally wear. Often the ones left are cut slightly small and you end up with a good bargin.
  • My personal rule of thumb: if you "love" it and it is under $6 you should buy it.
  • Never spend more than $7 on underwear - I have lived by this rule for more than 5 years. Plus, I have more underwear now then ever before. I have purchased CK underwear at a department store for $2. Just wait until they get the new colors in and buy the old clearance colors. Under jeans no one is ever going to see your last season underwear.
  • Never spend more than $100 on dress clothes (suits excluded). Dressy clothes are great and often on clearance. So, for the most stick to the clearance racks here. Of course how many really fancy dresses do you need?
  • Purse are best brought cheap. This works for me because I like to have lots of purses and change them to match shoes/outfit. If you are more like my mom, buy one really good quality purse and use it for the season (or 2). So there is some options one this one.
  • Rotate clothes and outfits. It is good to buy outfits, but it is better when it goes with several things. Basically, this makes it look like you have more to everyone else. (Some weeks wear the shirt with jeans other times wear it with black pants or a shirt).
  • Check the back of your closet it just might be back in style. I have recent found my 3/4 length light purple button up sweater I brought like 7 years ago. I started wearing it in January when Gap started having them again.
  • Black pants and shirts go with almost any color dress shirt or nice sweater. Every year department stores get these, so always watch for them to go on clearance.
  • Go to big sales on the first day. When Kohl's has their 75% off the clearance sales go early on the first few days. Also, go to more than one store. Every store has different stuff left.
  • Internet shopping - Ok, so this may or maynot be a good idea. Although I have seen a lot of shoes at that looked interesting.
Well, I hope reading this was not a complete waste of your time. I am sure most people know of this tips - but it always surprises me when I find people who don't. Hope you have a great and relaxing weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

How to Keep From Falling Asleep While Reading

(especially while reading boring stuff for school)

Another topic that I am very familiar with. I have taken a lot of classes with really interesting information, but some classes just have boring books. I have one of those books right now. The topic of the class is great, but the book is not the greatest to read. Ok, so I have a really hard time staying awake actually. So I have decided to give you my list of possible ways to stay awake while reading those - shall we say harder to read textbooks?
  • Stock up on caffinated beverages (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Green Tea)
  • If your eating your not sleeping so here are some snacks I recommend:
    • Cheetos (I found these to be a great snack)
    • Chocolate covered peanuts or other chocolate treats (Snickers or 5th Avenue bars)
    • Ice cream
    • Popcprn
  • Break up studying into managable pieces and do fun activities in between (watching TV, writting your blog, going shopping, etc)
  • A very uncomfortable chair (alright not the best idea, but I have used it before exams)
  • Running the air conditioner (or not running the heat) - remember heat makes you sleepy
  • Take notes on vocab or make vocab flash cards (interaction seems to keep you awake)
  • Listen to your favorite movie soundtrack (it will block out un-wanted noise)
Well, that is all I could think of. Those are the tricks I use. Maybe these will work for you, maybe they don't.

Hope you enjoyed today's installment of "how to". The weeks not over (of course my idea well is beginning to dry up). So stop by tomorrow and see what I come up with will you? Thanks for stopping by!

How to Piss Off Your Pair

Hello again! For my Agile Software Development class we are, of course, using the concept of pair programming. This site offers a very interesting "How to" guide. The professor of the class actually pointed out this site to us. I found it very funny.

Anyway, this site fits so well into my theme this week that I decided to add this quick post. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

How to Talk to Geeks

It came to my attention a while back that many people might not know the best way to "chat" or "talk" with a geek. So here is my help guide: "How to Talk to Geeks" and yes I have true life experiences. I am a geek and I am a CS* graduate student I have talked to many geeks in my day.**

Basically geeks are great people. Often, (and I am totally including myself here) geeks can be shy people. I know a few who are not, but many are. It is not that geeks are unfriendly, they might just be shy. Anyway, below are tips and great conversation starters for talking to geeks.

  • It is important to keep in mind that geeks primarily deal in the electronic media world. Basically they sit around in front of computers for approximatly 85% of the day.
  • Majority of geeks live off of (or would like to live off of) pizza and soda pop (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, or Mountain Dew).
  • Universal geek topics: Video games, Cartoon Network, Computers, Slashdot, Startrek, Star Wars, any movie made by Pixar, Matrix movies, Lord of the Rings movies, best Unix editors, latest technology, Microsoft, Apple, and SciFi channel's latest shows.
  • Basic background research might be needed. Basically, headlines and a little bit of understanding are all that is needed to start the conversation. You probably won't need to stick to the "universal geek topics" the entire time - but don't be worried if you do. Geeks as a general rule love talking about computers (hence they are a geek) but are in general well rounded individuals and often have additional interests outside of computers (a surprise to many).
Conversation Starters:
  • "So have you read Slashdot recently?"
  • "Have you seen the new iMac pictures? Is that screen not really cool?"
  • "Did you see the episode of last night?" (recommended shows: Enterprise, Family Guy, and Stargate SG-1)
  • "Are you a Mac or a Window's person?"
  • "What is your favorite Unix text editor?"
Anyway, this is my guide to talking to geeks. So anyone out there who was having trouble chatting with geeks I hope this helps. Well, it can't hurt is my thought. I hope you enjoyed this installment of "how to" by Stephany.

*CS = Computer Science
**This guide was written to help with talking to geeks, but may be useful in other settings. Nerd is not the same as geek. Also, sorry no refunds. You get what you paid for.

Monday, September 13, 2004

"Mrs. Peel We're Needed"

Or otherwise called "How to Enjoy Your Avengers DVDs".

I had a difficult time picking a topic. Anyway, today's will be a short one. I recieved my order from so I got my Avenger DVD's! Yippee. So here is my guide on how best to enjoy the DVD's. (Of course this guide is not only for Avengers - but it's one of my current favorite show to watch).

How to Enjoy Your Avengers DVDs:
  1. Get Avengers DVDs (the most important part)
  2. Prepare the TV and DVD player
  3. Pop some popcorn
  4. Get chocolate covered peanuts (or other favorite sweet)
  5. Enough pillows to be completely comfortable
  6. Put on comfortable clothes
  7. While you are getting ready listen to the Avengers theme song (available via iTunes)
  8. Make sure you have plenty of Diet Pepsi (or your favorite beverage) in the fridge
Now you have a great environment for watching your DVDs. Stop by tomorrow for another installment of Stephany's Un-Random Blog! Until, hope you are having a great day.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Theme of the Week - "How To"

Because I have seen "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" twice this week and after enjoying writing "Stephany's Guide to Movies", I have decided to dedicate this weeks blog to a "How To" theme. I was unclear were to start or what topic to start with. So, I figured I would "google it" and see what I would find. I was looking for ideas and I wanted to know what was already out there. Here are some of the entertaining results:

So, this is a preview of this weeks un-random blog topic. Hope you are having a fun weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Stephany's Guide to Movies Part 2

Here is the second part of my Movie Guide. Here are other great movies - well movies I really like. I figured I would finish up the list I started the other day. So enough of my rambling, here is the list:
  • Legally Blond - Both of these movies are quite funny. Ok, so I like a movie were the female character makes it into a profession and is not expected to. The movie says you can be a professional and still know about the latest fashions.
  • Jane Eyre - This movie is based on a great book and follows it mostly. This is one were the underling gets the guy. It is set in England and I think the sets are amazing looking.
  • Little Women - I have watched this movie so many, many times. Anyway, this movie follows the book quite well. It is a great movie to watch at Christmas time.
  • Stargate - I love the show and I like the movie. It is any interesting movie and I highly recommend it to anyone. It is a great Friday night movie in my mind.
  • Star Wars (the original three movies) - These are classics. Everyone has seen them so I will just live it at that.
  • 4th Startrek movie - The one with the whales in it. It was the first Startrek movie I saw. Anyway, I like whales and Spock has some great lines in it.
  • American President - I mention this movie the other day. So look at the achieves if you want my opinion.
  • Groundhog Day - This movie is so funny! This is a great movie to watch on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
  • Harry Potter movies - All of them were good. I don't have a favorite, but the third was quiet different. I liked the books and I liked the movies what can I say.
  • Catch Me If You Can - This movie is absolutly wonderful. Tom Hanks does a really great job in this movie.
  • Working Girl - Harrison Ford is in this movie. Anyway, I like Harrison Ford movies.
  • Air Force One - Great action movie. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Plus, Harrison Ford and Gleen Close are in this movie.
  • Ms. Congeniality - This is another movie that I find extremely funny. I hear they are making a second one.
  • First Wives Club - Based on a good book this movie is very funny. There are some great actors in this movie. Anyway, great movie to watch.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the list. I am not sure what my next topic will be. It is really hard some days to come up with a topic. Well, anyway it is Thursday night and close to the weekend. I, for one, am really ready!

UNIX on the GBA - Can it get any cooler?

Someone sent me a link to this article the morning. As I understand it there was a Slashdot link to the article as well. Anyway, I thought I would break from my regular scheduled program to blog this very interesting article.

I have done a little GBA programming (it was a group project with two other students). It would seem to me that getting a version of UNIX up and running on a GBA will mean great things for the independant GBA programming group. It would save in development time and probably debugging. However, I think there might be memory issues (i.e., not enough or too slow). The GBA has limited memory and processor power. But it is still way ducky.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Stephany's Guide to Movies Part 1

Yep, I decided to do my guide to movies. Basically, this is a list of my favorite movies. There are tons of movies that I enjoy watching and will watch these movies over and over again. My favorite movies actually span over several types so I am sure anyone reading this will probably see one or two movies we agree on. Anyway, enough of my rambling - here is the list (in no particular order):
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy - You can't have a list and not include these three extremely great movies. The three movies were just amazing.
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days - Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey make an amazing couple in a movie. This movie has 1) really funny parts and 2) great story. So, so very funny movie!
  • Two Weeks Notice - Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are absolutely great in this movie. There are so many great parts in this movie I can't list them all. Just watch the movie yourself.
  • A Beautiful Mind - This movie is just brilliant. I have watched in many, many times. If you have not scene this movie - rush to your local video store and pick it up.
  • Contact - Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey are absolutely wonderful in this movie. Although the movie is different from the book, I still like it. Another one that I can't imagine anyone who hasn't seen this movie. (Note: the site takes a while to load).
  • Avengers - I watch the show so of course I like the movie. Anyway, it is definately a movie to watch.
  • X-Files: Fight for the Future - Did you hear they are thinking about making another X-File movie! Great movie is all I am going to say.
  • Mona Lisa Smile - A great movie with some great actors. I saw this sometime in March.
  • Princess Diaries - I have watched this many, many times. Plus, I have read the books (multiple times). Anyway, it is a great movie with lots of funny parts and some great people in it.
Well, that's the list. Hope you were not completely bored. This is part 1 of the list - tomorrow part 2. Come back and see the other have of the list.

Side note: it is really hard to sit down and write the list of my favorite movies. Anyway, it was harder than I thought it would be.

Monday, September 6, 2004

Stephany's Guide to TV Shows

A few days ago in the newspaper I saw an article about the new shows for the fall. I can't say anything new caught my attention. West Wing will be back and so will Enterprise. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have already started new seasons on SciFi.

You can tell that there is an overall feeling that the fall line is going to pretty slim. How do I know that? Because DVD's have been released for the first season of several shows - ALF, Lavern and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, and Quantum Leap - just to name a few. These shows have been off the air for years but each was popular in its time.

Not all the shows look bad - I am totally not saying that. However, I am not really into watching reality shows. I watch TV to take me away from reality to a different place. Maybe that explains why I like science fiction shows and mystery books so well. Not every elment of the show needs to be off the wall. I like Sue Thomas F.B.Eye - but it is not a reality show. I don't care to watch a group of people doing crazy things to get money. I am in college, all I have to do is look around campus or out my window.

On a serious note, here are some interesting new shows that may or may not be to your liking, but I plan to watch to see if they are any good:
  • Stargate Atlantis - I have seen the first few episodes and although I like SG-1 better it is darn good for a spin off. I believe this show has a promising future.
  • Dr. Vegas - I want to see this at least once to view Rob Lowe playing a doctor. I have no ideas if the show will be very good, but it is worth at least one view I think.
  • Farscape - Ok, so one can't really mention Sci-Fi and not mention the new episodes of Farscape. I didn't watch the show a lot when it was first one - but I have caught a few in resent years and it is a good show. I think these specials are worth watching.
Here are some shows (maybe not so new) that you might want to check out:
  • MISSING - Based slightly on a some books by Jenny Carroll (one pen name for Meg Cabot writer of the Princess Diaries series). Show was formally know as 1-800-MISSING - but at somepoint they decided to change names. Anyway, I have heard a lot of good things about this show.
  • The Look for Less - Yep a show about shopping! Basically it is about putting together designer looks, but not at designer prices. Anyway, I like seeing the show and every once in a while an article of clothing I own.
  • Carol Burnett Show - This is definatly not a new show (it's on TV Land folks). But the humor is timeless. I have so many favorites episodes - but anytime Carol Burnett did a skit were she was the Queen of England were the best. The episodes when Tim Conway was on are incredable funny as well.
  • SNL - My liking of this show depends on really two things: 1) Guest star? 2) Original cast re-run? I will watch any of the episodes of the original cast. I will watch the new ones if the guest star is someone who I want to watch.
  • X-files - another one of the Sci-fi series greates (and did you know it was one of the first show to come out on DVD?). I have seen most of the shows and have several favorites. But I am sure anyone reading this is familar with X-files so I will stop rambling about the show.
  • West Wing - I have said tons about this show in previous blogs - but I could not leave it off the list. Great show - watch it 9pm on Wednesdays NBC or on Bravo at 7pm.
  • Stargate SG-1 - Ok, so I saved this excellent show for last. This is the last season . It is such a good show (one of the longest running Sci-Fi series). It is well make and interesting seasons and seasons later. So if you are going to watch one show this season - well this would be my pick. (Fridays at 9pm).
So there you have it: Stephany's Guide to TV Shows. I am sure you all have your own opinions on what is good or not. This is just my opinion and what I think. Anyway, maybe I will have Stephany's Guide to Movies next. Who knows. I guess you will just have to check back soon and see what crazy stuff I have posted next.

Happy Labor Day! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Hope you were not totally bored.

Sunday, September 5, 2004

Grab Bag of Stuff

In my job I was asked to write some "how to" documentation on Meeting Maker. It is pretty nice program available for both Windows and Mac. The user interface is straight forward and easy to use. It makes me think of the iCal available in OS X. But, it has better business features. Anyway, I figured I would toss a link in my blog. Today's blog is going to contain a bunch of stuff that I wanted to put in here - but have not really fit into a given topic yet.

Whenever I need some C++ programming information I search using Google. One site that often appears is There are quite a few tutorials available on this site. It is great when you remember there is this special notation for something you want to do, but you can't quite remember the exact notation.

Magnetix by Roseart - this product is tons of fun! I picked mine up at Target. Anyway, you can build all kinds of shapes with them. I am sure there are other brands out there - but this is the one I know of. At the store you can buy packages in various sizes. I am trying to build a pryramid with mine. Each time I get more I redesign the pryramid to maximize the useage of pieces. I find it very enjoyable - but I am wierd so it makes sense.

Saturday, September 4, 2004

I Fixed It!

I fixed my project builder. (Basically, I installed xCode). Well, that worked for me. I don't why it helped anything, but it did and I am not complaining. Now I don't have to run Codewarrior - a really old version of Codewarrior in Classic mode. Classic's mode is really handy and all, but I like to aviod having to use it (because OS X is so much better).

Oh and because someone asked me:

The preview of Tiger is pretty cool. Dashboard is partly why it seems so cool to me. I like Expose (to bad Windows doesn't have an equivalent). Anyway, I like having a bunch of programs open at one and easily being able to see them all at once. It makes switching between programs easier - which is something I do a lot. And an iTunes controller? Can it get any better than that?

I Can't Not Blog This

It's coming in November - the 9th or so someone has told me ;-)

I figured I should put at least one link to this in my blog. I hear that it is going to be really popular. As I see it - it is the only reason to like Microsoft. OK, so they make Office and that is pretty good. So maybe one of two reasons to like Microsoft. Anyway I have blogged it and feel I didn't miss out on the one thing everyone is going to blog.

By the way, Microsoft's site doesn't support Firefox web browser. It is best if viewed using (and I know this is going to be a shock) Internet Explorer. Ok, sorry. For some odd reason I find it amusing.

Also, in a complete side note: if you need any basic information on sorting I recommend this NIST site. I found it a big surprise that NIST had that kind of information available. Maybe I should re-name my blog to "Stephany's Random Blog" if I write any more blogs like this one.

As I Mac user I would like to Project Builder to write code. But, I find it confussing until I found this great tutorial. If you are starting with Project Builder this is a must read. Unfortunatly, I can't even get the "Hello World" default program to run - ugh. It can't find some file -> "ld: can't locate file for: -lcrt1.o". To bad I have no idea what this means.

Current Music Favorites

Why am I telling you my current music favorites (i.e., my current iTunes/iPod playlist)? Because I don't really have any other topic for today's blog. Yesterday, besides ordering DVD's I haven't really done much computer wise. It was my day off so to speak. Anyway, here is the list. (If the group or CD has a site I tried to link to it).

Stephany's September Music Favorites:

That's my current list. I skip around a lot when I listen to my playlist. Somedays some songs sound better than others. Anyway, have a happy weekend! Thanks for visiting!

(A side note: I changed the setting so anyone can post comments - you don't need a blogger account and I changed the quote for September).

Friday, September 3, 2004 Shopping

Recently, well actually last night, I decided to try out I had seen the commercials will watching X-Files or was it West Wing? Anyway, it was TV commercials I saw. I will keep you posted on how that works out. I have never ordered from that site and I felt adventurous. I ordered more sets of Avengers shows. I have been watching the '68 ones with Linda Thorson playing Tara King. I like the show it reminds me a lot of Get Smart only a little more dramatic. If you have never seen the Avengers TV show I highly recommend the Best of Avengers set. There are a variety of shows in this set and gives you a good overall feel of the show. Of course you don't have to believe me - check it out for yourself.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Game Industry Scholarship for Women

This was just something I had to blog. A Game Industry Sponsored Scholarship!! It is really ducky news in my mind. I am so excited. Wow! It is on the same coolness level as the iMac G5!

Hurry go check it out now!

Agile Software Development Methods Part 2

As I stated yesturday - I will finish up that list of Agile Software Development links. The original list was given to me by the professor. However, the comments are of course mine.

  • Scrum Development Process - I like this site's address: There is something about that name that amuses me. This site gives you a basic overview of the Scrum agile software development method. A great site if you are looking into various agile methods.
  • DSDM Consortium - their moto is kind of catchy "Helping you delieve on time". This site also gives a good overview of information about DSDM. One of the first things I looked for was what DSDM stood for. It stands for Dynamic System Development Method.
  • Agile Modeling (AM) Home Page - this site is yet another overview of Agile Modeling. As many of the other methods, this method is a member of the Agile Alliance. There is an interest article on the Principles of Agile Modeling that are very informative.
  • Martin Fowler's site - he is really big into practising agile software methods. He has written several books on the subject and various papers. This site has some interesting material if you dig around a bit.
So there is the list. Maybe you found something of use or value - maybe you didn't. I don't know. However, if you did great. If you didn't well, sorry. Maybe next time you read my blog there will be something you find of value posted. Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

iMac G5

I think it is probably just about the coolest thing I have seen since the iPod came out. Who could not say it was not cool? Alright, I have to get back to homework. I just felt I had to add a link to it because it was just that cool. It is just ducky I tell you - Just Ducky!

Agile Software Development

For my agile software development class we were asked to check out some sites about agile software methods. So I decided what better way then to put the sites into my blog! Here is a partial list of sites (plus my comments of course):

  • Agile Alliance - tons of articles and information is available on this site. Anyone interested in Agile Software Development methods should first visit this site for information.
  • Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction - this site focuses on an area of agile software development - XP. There is this great XP flow chart that really sums up the meaning of XP software development. So if anything you should go look at that chart.
  • - as the site states it is an Extreme Programming Resource. This site mostly contains articles about XP. This would be the place to find out the lastest information in the world of XP software development.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the list. Tomorrow, I hope to add a few more sites from the list. So, I hope you stop by again soon. Thanks for reading!

Ancient Egypt is so Ducky

I have this weird love for ancient history. I know it is weird, especially for a CS grad student. It is kind of out there in right field. Anyway, ancient Egypt seems to be my favorite. I also like ancient Rome and Greece, but there is something about Egyptian history that is well, really interesting to me. To me ancient Egypt seems so magical - maybe it is the pyramids. Anyway, for the fun of it I decided to Google "Ancient Eyptian" and see what I got. Here are the sites that I liked the best:

  • The British Museum's Ancient Egypt site: This site has tons of information and lots of really cool pictures. I could spend hours on this site.
  • The Ancient Egypt Site: This site contains lots of information. It even breaks the history section down into dynasties. I would highly recommend a visit to this site. Not as many pictures - more factual based information.
  • Guardian's Egypt site: Another very interest site on Egypt. This site is focused on trying to get you to visit Egypt. This site basically contains lots and lots of links to other webpages (although not all the links are working correctly). Make sure you check out the pictures of the Bent Pyramids.

Of course there are tons of sites. It is hard to select just a few. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.