Friday, September 17, 2004

How to Get More and Spend Less

Hi there! Welcome to Stephany's "How to Get More and Spend Less" post. I decided that like the 100's of women focused magazines out there - I too should include my thoughts on the subject.
  • Target - I suggest if you are a "must have latest fad" this should be your first stop. Plus, many have $1 bins at the front of the store near the enterance. Check out some of the great $1 tendy stuff here. I got some great $1 asian inspired purses! A buck?!? I know I was shock, but I splerged and got two. Ok, so not all the clothes at Target look designer - but a lot of it does. I check out the clearance racks weekly (make sure you check the end of the aisles for bargins). If you save on the everyday things, you can have more in the long run.
  • Coupons! The key to bargin shopping. Often the ads and coupons make the Sunday paper worth getting delivered.
  • Check out the ads - often several stores have same or similar items.
  • Department store sale racks - this is the key of all good bargin shopping. Check these racks and check them often. Also, be willing to try on a size larger than you normally wear. Often the ones left are cut slightly small and you end up with a good bargin.
  • My personal rule of thumb: if you "love" it and it is under $6 you should buy it.
  • Never spend more than $7 on underwear - I have lived by this rule for more than 5 years. Plus, I have more underwear now then ever before. I have purchased CK underwear at a department store for $2. Just wait until they get the new colors in and buy the old clearance colors. Under jeans no one is ever going to see your last season underwear.
  • Never spend more than $100 on dress clothes (suits excluded). Dressy clothes are great and often on clearance. So, for the most stick to the clearance racks here. Of course how many really fancy dresses do you need?
  • Purse are best brought cheap. This works for me because I like to have lots of purses and change them to match shoes/outfit. If you are more like my mom, buy one really good quality purse and use it for the season (or 2). So there is some options one this one.
  • Rotate clothes and outfits. It is good to buy outfits, but it is better when it goes with several things. Basically, this makes it look like you have more to everyone else. (Some weeks wear the shirt with jeans other times wear it with black pants or a shirt).
  • Check the back of your closet it just might be back in style. I have recent found my 3/4 length light purple button up sweater I brought like 7 years ago. I started wearing it in January when Gap started having them again.
  • Black pants and shirts go with almost any color dress shirt or nice sweater. Every year department stores get these, so always watch for them to go on clearance.
  • Go to big sales on the first day. When Kohl's has their 75% off the clearance sales go early on the first few days. Also, go to more than one store. Every store has different stuff left.
  • Internet shopping - Ok, so this may or maynot be a good idea. Although I have seen a lot of shoes at that looked interesting.
Well, I hope reading this was not a complete waste of your time. I am sure most people know of this tips - but it always surprises me when I find people who don't. Hope you have a great and relaxing weekend!

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