Monday, September 20, 2004

Is the "War Paint" Really Needed?

I once heard make-up refered to as "war paint". I thought this was an interesting phase to associate make-up with. However, I can see some of the simularities. Anyway, as a female in my 20's I honestly say that I see a lot of females wearing a ton of make-up on nearly a day to day basis. I am in college, the heart of make-up wearing for females. This is partly due to the fact that these students are away at college for the first time and their parents don't see them on a regular basis. Anyway, this seems to lead to large quantities of make-up wearing. (Of course this is just my opinion and is not based on any hard evidence - just observations).

I personally don't wear much make-up. Mostly, I use lip gloss and/or lipstick. Nail polish is more of my thing. Why don't I wear make-up? Is it because I refuse to wear make-up? Am I against make-up? Is this my way of making a stand? No, No, and No. I simply don't wear make-up for two reasons 1)I am often allergic to the make-up and 2)I simply don't want to. On a day to day basis I don't want to wear make-up. While I was involved in competitive skating I did wear make-up at competitions. I wore make-up to weddings and my high school prom. I don't want to take the time to put make-up on before class, I would rather sleep. Don't get me wrong, make-up is fun and I like wearing lip stick. I just wonder - do more females feel like me or do they really think they "need" to wear make-up? Why do females choose to wear make-up? I think it can be boiled down to one simple answer "it makes you feel pretty".

Anyway, my point is: Wear make-up if you want to. Don't wear make-up if you don't want to. Over the years many people have commented on my lack of make-up wearing. I figure they are just jealous because I am comfortable enough with myself that I can choose not to wear make-up. So if you are a non-make-up wearing person and people feel the need to point this out - well all I can stay is keep your head up those people are just jealous.

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