Monday, September 6, 2004

Stephany's Guide to TV Shows

A few days ago in the newspaper I saw an article about the new shows for the fall. I can't say anything new caught my attention. West Wing will be back and so will Enterprise. Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis have already started new seasons on SciFi.

You can tell that there is an overall feeling that the fall line is going to pretty slim. How do I know that? Because DVD's have been released for the first season of several shows - ALF, Lavern and Shirley, Mork and Mindy, and Quantum Leap - just to name a few. These shows have been off the air for years but each was popular in its time.

Not all the shows look bad - I am totally not saying that. However, I am not really into watching reality shows. I watch TV to take me away from reality to a different place. Maybe that explains why I like science fiction shows and mystery books so well. Not every elment of the show needs to be off the wall. I like Sue Thomas F.B.Eye - but it is not a reality show. I don't care to watch a group of people doing crazy things to get money. I am in college, all I have to do is look around campus or out my window.

On a serious note, here are some interesting new shows that may or may not be to your liking, but I plan to watch to see if they are any good:
  • Stargate Atlantis - I have seen the first few episodes and although I like SG-1 better it is darn good for a spin off. I believe this show has a promising future.
  • Dr. Vegas - I want to see this at least once to view Rob Lowe playing a doctor. I have no ideas if the show will be very good, but it is worth at least one view I think.
  • Farscape - Ok, so one can't really mention Sci-Fi and not mention the new episodes of Farscape. I didn't watch the show a lot when it was first one - but I have caught a few in resent years and it is a good show. I think these specials are worth watching.
Here are some shows (maybe not so new) that you might want to check out:
  • MISSING - Based slightly on a some books by Jenny Carroll (one pen name for Meg Cabot writer of the Princess Diaries series). Show was formally know as 1-800-MISSING - but at somepoint they decided to change names. Anyway, I have heard a lot of good things about this show.
  • The Look for Less - Yep a show about shopping! Basically it is about putting together designer looks, but not at designer prices. Anyway, I like seeing the show and every once in a while an article of clothing I own.
  • Carol Burnett Show - This is definatly not a new show (it's on TV Land folks). But the humor is timeless. I have so many favorites episodes - but anytime Carol Burnett did a skit were she was the Queen of England were the best. The episodes when Tim Conway was on are incredable funny as well.
  • SNL - My liking of this show depends on really two things: 1) Guest star? 2) Original cast re-run? I will watch any of the episodes of the original cast. I will watch the new ones if the guest star is someone who I want to watch.
  • X-files - another one of the Sci-fi series greates (and did you know it was one of the first show to come out on DVD?). I have seen most of the shows and have several favorites. But I am sure anyone reading this is familar with X-files so I will stop rambling about the show.
  • West Wing - I have said tons about this show in previous blogs - but I could not leave it off the list. Great show - watch it 9pm on Wednesdays NBC or on Bravo at 7pm.
  • Stargate SG-1 - Ok, so I saved this excellent show for last. This is the last season . It is such a good show (one of the longest running Sci-Fi series). It is well make and interesting seasons and seasons later. So if you are going to watch one show this season - well this would be my pick. (Fridays at 9pm).
So there you have it: Stephany's Guide to TV Shows. I am sure you all have your own opinions on what is good or not. This is just my opinion and what I think. Anyway, maybe I will have Stephany's Guide to Movies next. Who knows. I guess you will just have to check back soon and see what crazy stuff I have posted next.

Happy Labor Day! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Hope you were not totally bored.

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