Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Agile Software Development

For my agile software development class we were asked to check out some sites about agile software methods. So I decided what better way then to put the sites into my blog! Here is a partial list of sites (plus my comments of course):

  • Agile Alliance - tons of articles and information is available on this site. Anyone interested in Agile Software Development methods should first visit this site for information.
  • Extreme Programming: A Gentle Introduction - this site focuses on an area of agile software development - XP. There is this great XP flow chart that really sums up the meaning of XP software development. So if anything you should go look at that chart.
  • - as the site states it is an Extreme Programming Resource. This site mostly contains articles about XP. This would be the place to find out the lastest information in the world of XP software development.
Well, I hope you enjoyed the list. Tomorrow, I hope to add a few more sites from the list. So, I hope you stop by again soon. Thanks for reading!

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