Saturday, September 25, 2004

Why Do We Visit other Countries?

Recently, I watched a re-run of a West Wing episode where people were heading to the United States in basically rafts and things loosely defined as row boats. I find it interest how many people in the United States want to visit other countries when it is clear that many people want to come to the United States because they believe it will give them a better life.

Of course most people want to visit Europe which last I checked, these people are not trying to come to United States for a better life. However, many people visit Mexico a country where many come to United States for jobs and trying to make better lives for themselves. I find this to be interesting. Of course, people visiting Mexico helps their society from the turists. I had know several people who have visited Mexico on school related trips and found it to be very exciting. The Travel Channel had a very interesting show about visiting Mexico - the beaches and oceans there look really nice.

Anyway, I always like thinking about the irony in situations. Well, Happy Weekend! The weekend is, in my mind, the greatest part of the week. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. By the way, tomorrow (or Monday) I will post my idea for next weeks theme.

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