Wednesday, September 15, 2004

How to Keep From Falling Asleep While Reading

(especially while reading boring stuff for school)

Another topic that I am very familiar with. I have taken a lot of classes with really interesting information, but some classes just have boring books. I have one of those books right now. The topic of the class is great, but the book is not the greatest to read. Ok, so I have a really hard time staying awake actually. So I have decided to give you my list of possible ways to stay awake while reading those - shall we say harder to read textbooks?
  • Stock up on caffinated beverages (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Green Tea)
  • If your eating your not sleeping so here are some snacks I recommend:
    • Cheetos (I found these to be a great snack)
    • Chocolate covered peanuts or other chocolate treats (Snickers or 5th Avenue bars)
    • Ice cream
    • Popcprn
  • Break up studying into managable pieces and do fun activities in between (watching TV, writting your blog, going shopping, etc)
  • A very uncomfortable chair (alright not the best idea, but I have used it before exams)
  • Running the air conditioner (or not running the heat) - remember heat makes you sleepy
  • Take notes on vocab or make vocab flash cards (interaction seems to keep you awake)
  • Listen to your favorite movie soundtrack (it will block out un-wanted noise)
Well, that is all I could think of. Those are the tricks I use. Maybe these will work for you, maybe they don't.

Hope you enjoyed today's installment of "how to". The weeks not over (of course my idea well is beginning to dry up). So stop by tomorrow and see what I come up with will you? Thanks for stopping by!

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