Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Music, Quantum Computers, etc

"Just a little bit louder, because this song is intended for humans, okay? Way Back Into Love, take two." - Alex Fletcher (Music and Lyrics)

Current Music Obsession: Soundtrack for Music and Lyrics

I recently watched Music and Lyrics on DVD. Excellent funny movie. If you haven't seen it, rush out and get it. Seriously. I don't see you rushing ;-) Just kidding. It is quiet funny. If you are into romantic comedies, this is one of the best. Plus, you get to see Hugh Grant sing and dance 80s style and if that doesn't make you laugh you are seriously not trying.

I then rushed out to purchase the soundtrack. A couple of really catchy songs. My favorites are: "Don't Write Me Off" and "Way Back Into Love". Both songs are quiet important to the plot of the movie.

Complete side note: Interesting article: "Scientists demonstrate quantum state exchange between light and matter"

My class is going well. Summer classes are so weird. You do in for the day which is really like a week in the normal term. Since I am only taking the one class it is kind of fun to just be focusing on it. Of course, I am suppose to also be narrowing down what I want to do research-wise. Unfortunately, that is on the back burner. Why? Because I like too many areas! I simply can't make up mind. (Yes, I am completely aware of my insanity. Moving on...) By the way this comic and this comic perfectly explain thesis.

Spring has arrived in Michigan. It is sunny and warm today. As normal we have had a bit of rain, but the temperatures are finally starting to pick up. Normally we are in the 70s at least and on often in the 80s. I can finally get out my short sleeve shirts and summer clothes.

I have been enjoying wearing sandals. I have my eye on a couple of interesting pairs at the store - but I have yet to buy any...yet. Of course, any of you who know me well know that it won't be long before I am buying new sandals. I did buy some clearance shoes the other day. Not sandels, but I need something to wear the other days of the year. (Yes, that is my story and I am sticking to it). I got this really cute pair of flats to wear with these pants that I recently got on clearance...

Enough about my shopping "issues" ;-) I better get back to my school work. I have a bunch of exciting reading about histogram algorithms (and other fun pattern recognition topics.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time I remember to update my blog...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back to the Grind..

"Objection, your Honor. You can't preface your second point with 'first of all.'" - Alan Shore (Boston Legal)

Sorry for the massive lack of updates - yet again. The last weeks of school were horribly busy. Then I left for a week of vacation (at the warm and sunny beaches of Florida). Last week was the first week of the summar term (and then I caught yet another flu bug). I am taking only one class this term and not working which I am finding quiet interesting experience. The class is lots of fun - no honest. Well, I should get back to my reading. I shall you leave you with the following links:

Current DVD obsession: Season 2 of Boston Legal on DVD
Current Song obession: "Babylon" by David Gray

Interesting News:
"Numbers follow a surprising law of digits, and scientists can't explain why"

"Why Mathematicians Now Care About Their Hat Color"

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope I get back to regular updates, but I am not holding my breath ;-)