Monday, May 14, 2007

Back to the Grind..

"Objection, your Honor. You can't preface your second point with 'first of all.'" - Alan Shore (Boston Legal)

Sorry for the massive lack of updates - yet again. The last weeks of school were horribly busy. Then I left for a week of vacation (at the warm and sunny beaches of Florida). Last week was the first week of the summar term (and then I caught yet another flu bug). I am taking only one class this term and not working which I am finding quiet interesting experience. The class is lots of fun - no honest. Well, I should get back to my reading. I shall you leave you with the following links:

Current DVD obsession: Season 2 of Boston Legal on DVD
Current Song obession: "Babylon" by David Gray

Interesting News:
"Numbers follow a surprising law of digits, and scientists can't explain why"

"Why Mathematicians Now Care About Their Hat Color"

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope I get back to regular updates, but I am not holding my breath ;-)

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