Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another update - I know shocking...

I want to point out a interesting news article I saw: "Sharp to offer Blu-ray recorder with 1-terabyte HDD". Cool. Then I want to point out a "study" which I believe could have been done without the actual study part: "Study: Employers benefit from treating depression". However, if it gives the issue news coverage, then I guess the study was a good idea.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's About Time...

Well, I am back. I know I have totally not been keeping my blog up. Bad me. I took a couple of months off this summar and found it very relaxing. School has started back up and I am getting back to my old routine. Maybe this will include a blog every once and a while. We shall see.

There was a couple of interesting things I wanted to point out:

iPod Touch: Could the world get any cooler? I am seriously considering getting one. (Actually, I can't decided which of the iPod family to get). The fact that it has WiFi is a huge "neat-o" factor - plus direct downloads from the iTunes store (I just love iTunes). But the iPod video does have tons more storage space. Choices, choices...

SYNC My Ride: A joint venture between Ford and Microsoft that allows people to connect their phone or digital music player to the car. The system includes voice-activation and other interest features. The SYNC is available on 7 Ford, 3 Mercury, and 2 Lincoln models. Ford Motor Company did choose excellent models to include the features - like the Focus and Fusion - which apeal to a younger more digital crowd.

What have I been up to? Not much. Started my research. Over the summar I watched a lot of older movies staring the very interesting and before her time Katharine Hepburn. She was quiet an interesting actress.

I also spend a lot of time reading. I read the recently published Kathy Reichs book "Bones to Ashes" - excellent, absolutely excellent. I have also started reading three additional series: Nancy Martin's The Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, Kate White's Bailey Weggins mystery series, and Susan Kandel's Cece Caruso mystery series. All of which I highly recommend.

The books by Nancy Martin are about three sisters (although mostly focus on the one sister Nora). The books are an entertaining who-done-it that is fairly complex especially when the character Mick gets involved. Some actually have a pretty surprising conclusion. Nora wears great designer vintage clothes from her grandmothers closet (which adds interesting side plots to the stories). Totally worth checking out. Each book has some very funny parts.

Kate White's books are focused on the magazine writer Bailey Weggins who always accidently gets involved in murder cases through either her job or her friends. They too are complex but are done a little more like traditional mysteries since the main character goes about things very logically (like any good investigative reporter). I like the pace of these books and how many characters don't always turn out the way you thought they would.

The books by Susan Kandel are a bit different. Cece Caruso (the main character) writes biographies about famous mystery authors. The book is packed with true information about the current biography Cece is working on. Again, complex plots but a little less traditional mystery style. Any of the books with a bases in an author you read or are familiar with makes for additional interested. Vintage clothes are also mentioned a bit in the plot.

Come to think of it all of the series mentioned above (Kathy Reichs, Nancy Martin, Kate White, and Susan Kandel) are all about woman who are single (some get engaged several books in). Hmmm...well isn't that weird. I swear it wasn't intentional.

This week is the start of the new season for three excellent tv shows: Bones (check out the new look to the website), Boston Legal, and Stargate Atlantis. I am so looking forward to next week!

Well, I better get back to my research and reading. I do a lot of reading these days. Thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the last days of summar and the early days of fall!