Saturday, April 23, 2005

"Don't Turn Away"

"Don't give in to the pain
Don't try to hide
Though they're screaming your name
Don't close your eyes
God knows what lies behind them
Don't turn out the light
Never sleep never die"

Lyrics from the song "Whisper" by Evanescence

Edit: For those who really love Stargate SG-1. Honestly, I like the show, but probably not that much. Of course, I am putting it my blog, so what does that say about me? I am just not going to think about it.

Yes, I did watch the new Enterprise episode on Friday night. I thought it was actually a good show and that the actors did an excellent job playing the evil twin role. I only had one problem with the episode - again the clothing choices. Only the female characters were dressed in extremely lacking of actual material uniforms. Like somehow the females are going to do better while wearing less clothing? Of course, many video games have this same problem. Why don't they put the male characters in similar outfits? Anyway, I thought the episode was good anyway and look forward to seeing the second part next week.

HP has announced that it will make servers with x86 dual-core processors. HP is going to put AMD's new Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processor into the server. They believe that this could increase application preformance by 75%. Yikes, that would really be a jump.

What's big in the news? Space. Today there ismore about the space shuttle safety factors and stories about who's going to fly the shuttle. Also, this article is about the new asteroid belt that has been found near out sun's "twin". Cool. If you haven't read enough about space, check out this article about computers used in space.

This has the makings of a sci-fi movie. Seriously, this is really interesting. The medical uses are just amazing - leading "to new ways to treat cancer and prevent injury and death from insufficient blood supply to organs and tissues".

I wish I had been this person. Why is Intel interested all the suddend? Recently, it was the 40th anniversary of Moore's Law. Of course, that caused articles about supercomputers and quantum computers. Still fuzzy about quantum physics? Aren't we all!?! Here is an article you might want to glance over - and by glance we know I mean read maybe more than once until me actually get it.

The glaciers "continue their retreat". What does this mean to us? The sea water level will increase. Cause? Global warming. Speaking about Nature, there are these ants...

People interested in major in computer science seems to be dropping.

I know you'll want one of these. No need to thank me. What everyone wants to know how to control iTunes via the PSP.

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I have a busy weekend so I better get to it. Happy Weekend everyone.

Oh and Rob - the song was "One & One" by Robert Miles that you were asking me about.

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