Saturday, April 2, 2005

Saturday Night

(Yes, that really is a song title, The Eagles and many others recorded that song).

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." - Walter Winchell

The news of the day - Pope John Paul II dies.

Other news:
Recently, a group of scientist measured a cluster of Xenon atoms. They how to one day adapt this technology to make early diagnoses of diseases.

Lesson of the day from the US government: When you run out of excuses, just blame the last guy.

Want to know more about motherboards? Here is an article about the Gigabyte Factory.

Low on cash? Just start looking for bugs for Mozilla.

April is: Math Awareness Month.

Sony is trying to make an iTunes like service, only for movies.

NASA has scheduled launch of robotic spacecraft for April 15th.

Microsoft has released service pack 1 for Server 2003. The sevice pack makes Server 2003 more security, reliability, and includes some performance enhancements. It even includes a security configuration wizard. Of course, now we just count the days before some one breaks it - again.

On a complete and unrelated side note:
So I have spent Friday evening working on homework, which included looking for some software for the Mac OS X that will allow me to edit some MIDI files. So far the programs I have looked at/tried aren't working or don't do what I need. Ugh! I know how to use a Windows machine to edit wav files, but MIDI seem to be a little more challenging. Anyone know any good programs (that are either free or have a demo I can download)? I know that is a tall order. Doesn't have to be for Mac (at this point I am willing to try things for a Windows machine).

I have found one program: Audacity. The program is really good at editing wav files and is freeware. It can convert mp3 to wav. Just doesn't play MIDI files yet. But, it served it's purpose and did what I needed.

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