Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"and the silence bring the night"

By the way, today's blog title is from this song by Beth Waters. If you have never hear her songs you are so missing out. They are available via iTunes.

I have a busy, busy week. I have two take-home finals to finish up this week and both have an in-class part as well for next week. However, the semester is almost over. Yippee. My plans for after I am done with classes (short term):
  • Get my hair cut (and hopefully sent it to one of those charities)
  • Buy a new pair of sandles
  • Got to the northern part of Florida for a few days
  • Work on my masters project
  • Read a bunch of books I have saved up

  • That's my current list. The list keeps getting bigger as I am getting closer to vacation time :) Tomorrow over lunch the ITS department at BGSU is giving a lunch thingy for the student empolyees (i.e., free food). It should be kind of fun actually and will help break up the day. Well, enough about me. Let's move onto what you really can to read - the links:

    This title really caught my attention: "Tiger's Out This Week. No Bull.". There are three more days until Tiger comes out. Both Apple and Microsoft have been in the news a lot recently. Microsoft is bring out some new stuff for IE 7 - finally. Some of these elements I thought were kind of important - I am glad to see that they are taking steps to make it better. Acrobat is trying to take on Microsoft in the world of "Web publishing and document management software".

    Not only has IE been in the news, but so has Opera 8 and it's 1 million download news. Just another part of the whole Browser War.

    Own the new PSP? If you answered yes this will interest you. If you answer no go to the next article. (Seriously, I have spend to much time recently programming. Those last two sentances were more like programming logic than really sentances. Anyway...)

    I can't decide if this is really cool or just plain scary. I'll just give you the title and you can decide for yourself: "Brain Scans Helps Scientists "Read" Minds".

    A wireless rating system is being worked on. This is one of those sticky issues. It not like I want to see adult entertainment on my cell phone, but that pesky issue of freedom starts to come into play. I don't want to see that kind of stuff, but they are restricting what I view. I also know that children shouldn't see that kind of stuff either. I can understand why some people argue for it. Ugh. I think I will sit this arguement out.

    "Hong Kong Broadband Launches 1 Gbps Home Service for US$215/month". I can't image what you do with 1 Gbps. They say it gives you "166x faster downstream" and "1,950x faster upstream" that DSL. Ducky. Simply ducky.

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