Friday, April 8, 2005

The Saturday Night Swing Club

"If I cook the stuffing inside my turkey, can I kill my guests? I'm not saying that would be a deal breaker." - Bartlet (The West Wing)

On Friday I got the new issue of Lucky in the mail. It is a magaizine all about shopping. I always enjoy looking at all the pictures and stuff. Which I am sure seems a bit unusual for a geek, but there are small numbers of geeks who are into shopping. I could ramble on and on about shopping, but I won't. However, I am going to mention the gray winter hat I purchased (on clearance) today at my favorite department store Von Maur. So moving on to more geeky things:

Many local businesses are hoping that the Shuttle launch will bring more people to Cocoa Beach, FL.

All about Longhorn security. Of course, the article doesn't really pin-point any one thing, but it is clear they are going to make some changes from the old way.

Tired of your surrondings? Check out Google Sightseeing.

Just news (not geeky in nature):
Price to send (snail) mail might increase by $0.02.

In the land of no consumer laws and a newspaper called the "freep" (e.g., Michigan): "House Dems want to repeal Michigan law that protects drug makers". It appears that "Michigan is the only state in the country to strictly limit lawsuits against producers of FDA-approved drugs". Wow. No wonder there is a huge Pfizer research center in Ann Arbor.

Something Funny:
I have never seen the movie Seven however this is a very funny version of one of the scenes.

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