Friday, April 15, 2005

"Friday on My Mind"

Its Friday! Hip-hip-horray. The weekend begins in just a few hours, which of course is a good thing. Yesterday, I went to hear a speaker discuss their research about pair programming - well more accurately collaboration. However, it was an xp group, so the focus was on pair programming. It was very interesting. The speaker made one point that stood out (to me anyway) - that often this kind of research can not be assigned a value. You can look at trends and common behavior, but you can't give it a say a value of 4. How well people pair and why some pairs work better than others really falls in this category.

Here are Friday's Links:
Would make a really good movie plot: Dinosaur eggs found.

Microsoft reveals details about the long await Longhorn.

Intel is going to show off their Dual-Core Pentiums on Monday.

Russians take off for the International Space Station.

Cisco is going to purchase Topspin Communications.

NASA has a new person in charge.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Happy weekend!

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