Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"The sky isn't always blue"

"The sun doesn't always shine. It's alright to fall apart sometimes..." (Lyrics to song One & One by Robert Miles)

Welcome to Tuesday's "Graduate Student Burn Out Week" blog. Hehe :-) Yes, I am partly joking. However, from personal experience (and talking to other graduate students) that is what it feels like right now. Why? Because there are two weeks of classes and finals week. Added part: it's spring and we have been in school since what August?

It has been pointed out in studies that graduate school falls somewhere between level of stress as occur with people going through divorces and that of the death of a spouse. Yikes (of course graduate school eventually ends, the other two are more life long events). Here are some helpful tips. Not your style? There are a bunch of other articles that might help you out.

My personal stree reduces include:
  • Eating a candy bar or ice cream just for fun
  • Taking 1/2 hour to watch part of a movie each evening
  • Buying a new pair of shoes or clothing for the new season
  • Writing a blog (or diary if you want it to be personal)
  • Eating out with friends and discuss stuff other than school
  • Taking a walk as a study break
  • Listening to a few songs and relaxing for 15 minutes (for a little break time)
  • Take a bubble bath

  • That's my list of things I like todo to relieve stress. Of course, I stick to only one or two of these each day. Even though you are really super busy it is always a good idea to get some sleep. I suggest taking a short nap and then resuming work. Your mind will be fresh and will be better able to function - saving you time in the first place. I found a little diet pepsi on occasion didn't hurt either. Important thing to remember: keep fighting 'till the end. Or in someone else's famous words (Yogi Berra to be exact): "it ain't over till it's over".

    Well, enough of my rambling here are some links you might like:
    Today's big tech news: Space shuttle has "new role as an emergency refuge for a damaged NASA shuttle". Wow.

    What I think is the worst news of the day: Adobe purchase Macromedia. Augh! Now it is all going to go to the dogs.

    Danger Will Robinson! Danger! (I really shouldn't laugh, but there is an element of humor in it). Of course, this you can laugh at.

    It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a wholphin . Speaking of nature, it appears "Early Universe Liquid-Like".

    Key words from this article: Univerisity of Michigan, Macs, and stem cell research. And people wonder why I like Macs.

    If you are looking for a diversion sometime, may I suggest this one?

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