Friday, April 29, 2005

More Gadgets

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still". - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Did I mention cell phones yesterday? Is it a phone or a computer? Seriously, when it starts having a 4 GB harddrive, I don't think it's just a cell phone anymore.

One of these days they will launch the shuttle - just not any day soon. NASA has pushed back the date once again because of "concerns over fuel tank debris". Specking of space, the earth appears to be "'out of balance'" in the engery area. According to satellites, studying the oceans, and a bunch of computer models "more energy is being absorbed from the Sun than is emitted back to space" by our planet. When is what they believe is causing the global warming.

The thing we all wished they had covered in high school science: desktop nuclear fusion.

By the way everyone has a blog or is getting one. No really everyone is getting their own blog. (Even fictional characters with a huge movie trilogy).

Thanks for stopping by a reading my blog. I have to get back to trying to edit my take home exam (due at 3 PM). Oh and trying to ignore all the people who are outside celebrating the end of classes - exams begin next week. Wednesday was my last offical day of class for this semester. Yikes, that went by fast.

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