Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Un-Random News

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." - Victor Hugo (French dramatist, novelist, & poet)

Wednesday's Un-Random News:

For starters there has been recent brake throughs in quantum computing. It's been shown that you can take highly entangled clusters of many particles (i.e., a bunch of photons) and make some modifications to these photons and then they can do some "computing tasks". The entangled photons create a quantum logic circuit. The down side being this processes is only one way (i.e., not reversable). The up side is this may lead to experimental implementations of quantum computing. Basically, quantum computing just took one more step towards becoming real.

A must read: Dilbert, quantum computing, and chaos

Other Equally Interesting News:
IBM's new mouse will help those who suffer from hand-tremors (a condition that affects millions of Americans).

Tuesday the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum opened in Israel.

It appears that Microsoft is in a settling mood recently.

Drink more green tea. They have determined that green tea may keep cancer cells from growing.

"Sunlight in a tube" - I know sounds weird, but it might be kind of interesting. Might help you get more vitamin D at least.

Looking for a 5 minute break? Give this a try. Besides, you can claim that you were learning more about science. Or you could try your hand at this game.

Harvard Faculty voted Tuesday on their confidence in the president of Harvard. You know it's big news when a comic makes fun of his statement. And they do so for more than one day.

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