Thursday, March 3, 2005

Quantum Teleportation

Alternate Title: "Beam Me Up Scotty, Well Sort Of"

Wednesday night in class we discussed quantum teleportation. I know you think I am kidding, but I am not. It is an interest subject. They really have done quantum teleportation in a lab environment with one particle. For more information (and better information then I could ever try to explain) on quantum teleportation see the links below.

For background information on Quantum Teleportation from IBM.

About the lab experiement see this site.

Here is a recent article that mentions quantum teleportation.

Here is another.

Well, I hope you find the links interesting. I will be heading towards the land where they don't have internet access for a couple of days and figured I would update my blog before I left. As of Wednesday evening I am offically on spring break! Yippee. I am very exciting to finally be on break. Well, until next week...

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Guess who said...

Hey Steph -

Here's a thought. If you teleport a person, does their soul or consciousness travel with their physical being? If we say yes, then we must assume that there is a physical tie between our bodies and our "selves." Where would it be? In our brains, in our hearts?

If no physical tie, would the soul be left behind, without place, without death? What would the shell of the person on the other end be capable of? Would it even "be"? Hmm....

Some have said that Einstein was working on Teleportation and Cloaking for the US Government during WWI and WWII. There is a rumor that a ship was "teleported" and "cloaked" but when it reappeared, the people and the wood of the ship were super-infused into each other. Kinda gross like a Salvadore Dali painting, wouldn't you say?

Doesn't the idea of Quantum communication remind you of launching a message from you tree house to your bedroom via a clothesline tied from your outpost to your window?

Random wonderings.