Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday

"They have two settings: stun and kill... It'd be best not to confuse them." - Lt. Reed (Enterprise)

Hello! I am slowly running out of blog ideas. My computer architecture class has finished up the topic on quantum computing so I won't have great material on the subject to share with you. However, we have mored on to older architectures - so that may prove to be blogging worthy. We shall see. So today's blog is more random news that I happen to see during the day:

Another good blog to read: Breaking Windows 2.0: Rants and Raves by Ken Edwards and Matt Paprocki. I actually know Ken Edwards (and his large quantity of the latest geek stuff). They were recently Slashdotted.

Google is buying Urchin Software Corporation. What is Urchin? According to to their site it is "world's most widely deployed web analytics system".

The Apple OS X Virus Contest has been cancelled. Why? One of the reasons given was a fear of legal action by Apple.

Big Halo 2 news - it seems that there is an expansion pack scheduled to come out in April for Xbox Live.

Coming Soon - a new version of Photoshop. Now do we "really" think it was an accident?

7-Eleven and Music - I just post the links is all I am going to say on that one.

IBM and Egypt onDemand ad - Ok, I thought this was interesting most people won't, but I did.

On a complete side note: I have finally updated the software to run better for the class to use. I have posted links to the files here. Of course, my work is not done on the system - but it is farther along then before. This version doesn't require you to change the resolution. Plus, it has more of the original pictures. You need to get both files and place the midi folder into the other folder containing the execuable and the pictures. Yikes, this is getting complicated. Part of the problem is the restrictions the university places on our webspace size. They say we have 10 MB, but we can't post any one file over 7 MB (or that is what I think is happening).

Thanks for stopping by and reading Stephany's Un-Random Blog! I should get back to work on my project. I have to sort through some code that doesn't appear to be working correctly. All I wanted to do was add the bias to the neural network - well it is easier said than done. Until tomorrow.

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