Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ohio Celebration of Women In Computing

I got notification via CSAM (which is a cool group at University of Michigan that runs these great dinners) about this event - Ohio Celebration of Women in Computing. Registration for going ends March 25, 2005. However, I thought the idea was pretty cool - I didn't know something like this existed. One of the many co-sponsors is BGSU.

Well, this is a quick blog. Hopefully later this week I will actually have time to post up a real blog with like cool links and stuff. Until then, you will have to live off of these half blogs. I spent a good chunk of my free time trying to get this project working (an old project a professor wanted to use for a class exercise about user interfaces). It is quiet large zipped file (6+ MB). If you are interested in taking a look at the Horse Race System feel free ( The project developed using extreme programming practices as the software design process. The software was written in C# using Visual Studio .NET (so you will need the framework installed to run the exe). Sadly, it is Windows only software. It was written for a charity group to use at a fundrasier. You will need to change the resolution of your screen before running the software (the program was designed to look good on large screens).

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