Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Billiard Ball Computer

Alternate Title: "You are so not going to believe me when I tell you this..."

What? Billiard Ball Computer?!?

Billiard Ball Computer was designed/proposed by Edward Fredkin and Tommaso Toffoli in the early 1980s. The Billiard Ball Computer is reversable - which means that it requires low amounts of energy. (It also means that if we can store perfectly all energy used in the system it will not release heat nor would it require energy - but thats a topic for a whole another blog entry. Plus, I don't really feel like getting into the whole discussion of entrapy at the moment. So I will save that for tomorrow).

There is this great java applet available for you to try out. However, I highly recommend doing the background reading first. The concept is actually really interesting. It gives us a physical object we are familar with as a bases of reference and help people understand concepts relating to quantum computing. Cool ain't it?

Completely unrelated, but I felt I should point this comic out since I have so many friends how are graduate assistants...

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