Wednesday, March 9, 2005

King Tut's Death - still a mystery, but may be closer to answer

This is a really interesting article. After scanning the mummy of King Tut they were able to determine that he did have a broken leg - which may have been the cause of death. It was theorized by some that King Tut had died from foul play. There are some who still believe that King Tut was murder and that the broken bones might have occured when the mummy was found or moved.

King Tut tomb (and treasures) were found by Howard Carter in the 1920's. The uniqueness of this find made Carter extremely famous. Most tombs have been found empty. Long ago tomb robbers stole the valuables buried with the mummies. (The items were buried with the body so that the person could take it with them in the afterlife). Carter and his team did "dismembered" the mummy to locate artifacts. Small objects were often hidden among the wrap covering the mummy.

I highly recommend reading this article if you are at all interested in Ancient Egyptian history. (By the way, "the team may have also located Tut's lost penis, which was catalogued during the 1920s but absent during the 1968 x-ray examination". Can you imagine cataloging that?)

National Geographic has some great pictures of items found in King Tut's tomb if you are interested.

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