Wednesday, March 2, 2005

The Amazing World of Blogs...and other stuff

Today, I was trying to figure out if via Google you can find my blog. Currently, it doesn't seem like you can using the name of my blog (Stephany's Un-Random blog) or my name (Stephany Coffman-Wolph). However, I did locate a link to my blog. It really isn't a big deal to anyone, but me. However, as you can clearly read does not stop me from telling you about it. It is from something called blogsnow which reads "ping lists", so it is even less of a big deal. It also appears that I have been listed on a couple of Intelliseek's BlogPulse citation pages - February 8th and February 10th. Moving on (because I am probably the only one who cares)...

At Yahoo! News there was an interesting story called "Closeout on brand names" about the Federated and May department store chains merging.

I bet the kids living in Berkeley aren't looking for this to be settled soon, since it appears they get out of homework. Teacher's don't make very much money, so I do feel sorry for them.

Today is Yahoo!'s 10th birthday. To celebrate they are giving away free ice cream. To bad I don't live near a Baskin-Robbin's store.

There is actually some non-negative news about Microsoft - odd news (Bill Gates honorary knighthood) of course.

Here is an article about Dell/Napster vs Apple/iTunes. My only problem with this article is the fact that implys that Napster and iTunes are the only services when in fact there are many others. It is a good article, I recommend that you take a look.

Like to play video games on you Mac? Doom 3 for the Mac comes out mid-March.

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