Friday, March 18, 2005

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"A mathematician is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn't there." - Charles Darwin

This is the product for those people who REALLY like Star Trek.

An article about the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It looks very interesting. They are using mini-DVD's to hold the game information (unlike the GameBoy Advance which used cartridges).

MP3 players are "The Thing" to have. It is predicted by some that the number shipped increase by a factor of 4 by the year 2009. Many claim it to be a market to watch.

I have seen the TV commercials for this show about Dragons many times last week. I wonder if the show is going to be interesting. Animal Planet went all out with long commercials and several web pages.

Microsoft recently began showing off some of their advertisingfor Microsoft's new MSN search. As someone else pointed out to me - why is the text box so small on MSN search?!? Is this to encourage people to make their search phrases short? Microsoft is hoping to "catch up" in the market. They are currently being used for about 16% of Web searches. Google takes about 35% and Yahoo! is around 32%. Microsoft has a ways to go before - plus Google and Yahoo! are well know for being good search engines. However, Microsoft has this way of pulling themselves up that I will never understand. It will be an interesting battle to watch.

On a side note:
I found this article to be very interesting: "No Stopping it Now: Seas to Rise 4 Inches or More this Century".

Oh and this article.

On a copmpleted different subject: I recently got a Gmail account! I really like it - especially the fact that you can send/receove large files. Anyway, I thought I would share my opinion. If you are a Windows user you can download the Gmail Notifier which allows you to check your Gmail messages without a browser. Being a Mac OS X user I can't use it (but I still like my Mac better than Windows - even though this looks really cool). I know how those Microsoft people are... Just kidding. I don't think Windows is that bad. There are some great products just for Windows - games, .NET, GameBoy emulators. However, Mac OS X is great for working with Unix (because it was built off of Unix). Anyway, I am totally rambling.

Have a nice weekend! I know I am looking forward to it. I plan on working homework, my project, and getting lots of sleeping. Hope your is filled with equally enjoyable activities.

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