Wednesday, February 2, 2005

What is my soundtrack?

As I sit here I wonder. Is there a soundtrack that represents my life? And if there is one - what would it contain? Questions that plague my mind in the early hours of the morning - really early hours of the morning.

I am sitting here listening to "Desire" by by Ryan Adams over and over again. As the song plays in the background, I realize that this song is part of my soundtrack. I believe we all have a soundtrack - the songs that would be in a movie if a movie was ever made about our lives. OK, so I have picked one song - but what would the others be?

Each three to five minute piece of instrument and voice have a powerful hold on us. Think of any great movie. Now think of it without the music. Hard to do isn't it? The movie would seem like it was missing something and maybe it just wouldn't have the same feel.

As you wonder through life, do you hear your soundtrack playing in the background? At times I have often heard mine, especially as I think back on various memories - both happy and sad. I hear music in my head that seems to perfectly match the situation and the memory. However, maybe that is just something I do. Or maybe it is something we all do and are unaware. Each day is short and everyone seems so busy. Maybe we just don't take the time to hear the music.

These songs are not necessarily our favorites, but songs that define us. I am sure our soundtrack change and alter over time. But, these songs will always be part of your soundtrack because they once defined who you are. "Sweaters" by Beth Waters and "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls will always be a part of my soundtrack. There are many other songs I can think of and dozens more I can't that are all part of my soundtrack.

What is on your soundtrack?

Today's Favorites:
Song: "Breathe (2AM)" by Anna Nalick
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Quote from the movie Michael: "The miles will fly and your children won't cry, if you play car bingo. " - Michael

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