Sunday, February 27, 2005

Weekend Rambles

Microsoft hires FInal Fantasy creator.

Trust me when I say this - there is no such thing as a completely safe browser. Firefox (in my opinion) is one of the better browsers available (Safari being my prefered browser). However, it is a good choice for all you Windows users out there.

I did watch Sci-Fi Friday's (and Enterprise on UPN). Here is my very mini-mini-review:

Enterprise: I really, really liked this episode. It ties the Enterprise series back to the others (the whole Klingon thing). Don't worry - none of the main characters get bumped off. They also use a creative way to get Tripp back on Enterprise. The graphics used in this episode were interesting as well.

Battlestar Galactica: Extremely different episode dealing with the issues of human-like cyclons. Also, one could look deeper into the episodes and discuss the topic of what it means to be human - a question that humans have struggled with their entire exsistance. However, I won't voice my opinions and bore you. This episode was more violent than previous. I am again seeing a parallel to current events.

Stargate SG-1: This was the first part of a two parter. I won't spoil the show if you haven't seen it, but the whole regular cast seemed to be involved. Some of these characters haven't been on the show for a while and it was interesting twist to have them all back. The one thing I will say: the evil Carter is back.

Stargate Atlantis: They got so close. I really liked this episode. It is what I would call "classic Stargate style". The ending was interesting and there have been some new developments which should take show in an interesting direction. The part about the code (multiples of 15) was just great.

There was my extremely quick and short review. Great Sci-Fi shows this week. West Wing was also really good on Wednesday - not Sci-Fi but another really good show. Of course these are basically the only shows I watch each week, but still. Tomorrow starts another week - however, it is getting pretty close to spring break! I am highly looking forward to a little down time (and some time to catch up on sleeping, reading, my project, and shopping). I have several free iTunes songs I can get - but I haven't decided what to purchase yet. Hmmm...

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