Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Blah, Blah, Blah News...

Hello! Happy Weekend!

For The West Wing fans tune in to The Ellen DeGeneres show on Monday to see special guest Alllison Janney.

On a sad note, Arthur Miller pasted away at age 89. I would also recommend this article from the Detroit Free Press. The Detroit News article has some interesting pictures and a timeline if you are interested.

Friday Night was Sci-Fi Night. Here is my mini-mini-review of the shows:

Enterprise: This show continues were we left off. We find out what species is controlling the Romulan ship. Enterprise risk limbs and brains to try and stop the Romulans for further destruction of ships. At the end of the show, one of Enterprise's crew wants to leave - which is a step up for next week's episode. I thought this was a great episode - well written and well staged.

Battlestar Galactica: A cylon gets a board Galactica and blows himself up - killing three crew members. A witch hunt begins and eventually Adama has to put a stop to it. The relationship between Boomer and chief puts someone in the brig. The public is alerted to the fact that cylons can look just like the humans. This show is not only action packed, but contains a certain level of drama. To me each episode looks like a movie - which gives the show an interesting edge to it. If you aren't watching this show you should be.

Stargate SG-1: In this episode we bring back several characters - the former Vice-President and the Russians. Daniel is sent to Russia, Teal'c is sent on Prometheus, and Sam works on detecting cloaks ships. She figures out what is really going on. The Russian's think that the US government has been compromised. Sam's role (as always) is to come up with theories - which is good that she stays behind at the SGC.

Stargate Atlantis: This episode was OK - one of the weaker epidodes. It wasn't bad, but I liked last weeks better. The show starts with the jumper being chased by the bad guys, fortunatly a weapon on the surface saves them. The team goes down to the surface to investigate. Sheppard falls for the pretty priestess. The priestess returns to Atlantis for a visit and the mysterious identity of the priestess is finally revelled. Parts of the episode are really good, however, there are some fairly slow parts. Like I said the weaker of the episodes, but still good.

Well, there is my thoughts on the shows, plus a little summary. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Well, I better get back to working on homework.

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