Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More Quantum Confussion - I mean Computing...

Quantum computing - extremely cool and extremely difficult to understand. It is a concept that will change the way we think about computing. NP will be a thing of the past. Analysis of algorithms will no longer be something we need to study. Image, video, and music file compression will be a whole new animal. Can you imagine quantum image compression? It will allow you to compress an image perfectly and require very little time.

And all of this will be based on concepts of quantum physics. It is based on particle's not having a value until you measure them - and only then do they decide their value based on a probability distribution. OK, so that was a gross over simplification (but you get the idea). Here are some more articles for you to feast your mind on:

This unusual article discusses encoding information for quantum systems if you are interesting in reading tidbits about that subject. This article is better and has a clearer format (same information).

NASA and their research into quantum computing.

This is a great introduction article on quantum computing. If you are still trying to understand the basics you might want to take a quick glance at this page.

No need to fear, there is QCL (quantum computer language) already out there. QCL is a high level programming language (specifically designed for use on quantum computers). It's syntax is derived from classical programming languages (for example C, C++).

Are you wondering what Los Almos Labs is doing with quantum computing? Look no further.

This article is similar to others I posted yesterday, but I really liked the title "Computing a way through the Turing barrier".

Since, the majority of this blog has had such deep subject matter, I will again end my blog on a significantly lighter note.

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