Sunday, February 6, 2005

Bag Borrow or Steal

Bag Borrow or Steal is a service that allows you to borrow a designer bag for a week. There are various levels of bags and membership levels. This is one of the more unusual services I have seen provided on the Internet. The concept of this site is truely unique. They even have gift certificated.

The Internet is a great thing. It allows the world (on a whole) to grow small and more connect. There are lots of unusual things that pop up on the Internet that just make you go "huh?". This site is one of those types of things. Although, I am not really into designer purses or bags. I like looking at them in the department stores (same is true for fancy dresses) but in reality I don't purchase many designer bags. Still, I think it is an odd site and an equally odd service.

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Anonymous said...

Odd definately and sued by Gucci for carrying fakes