Thursday, April 13, 2006

GSBO and Bunnies...

"What, am I supposed to everything? You want me to fly the airplane, you want me to work the radio, what are you gonna... What are you, the hostess?" - Benjy Benjamin (It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World)

This is annual GSBU (Graduate Student Burn Out) Week. This is the close of the second to last week of classes. We have been in school all year, projects are being due and exams are coming up. Fun times :-P I threw the bunnies in the title because some one gave me a small "lucky" bunny today (Thanks Mohamed!)

Where is some news articles I wanted to point because...they was there...yeah...
"High efficiency flat light source invented"

Sci-Fi meets real life: "'Tractor beam' traps protein molecules"

Latest from everyone's favorite: "Google Launches Web Calendar"

For those of you who want to be just like Daniel Jackson from Stargate SG-1: "Ethiopian bone-anza buttresses human family tree"

Happy Weekend Folks! Here in Michigan we are enjoying the wonderful sunny skies and 70 degree weather! Yippee. Hope yours is as nice. Now I have to go and help students at a lab. It should be fun, fun, fun!

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