Friday, April 14, 2006

Sandals are my friend!

"Your space ship is double parked in my living room." - Tim O'Hara (My Favorite Martian)

It is a wonderful 70+ here in Michigan. I have been testing out my sandals this past week. Seriously, I love sandals. Spring has finally arrived in Michigan - now that the spring term has ended. The irony.

I have picked out a couple of news articles that I thought you might find interesting:

From the Final Frontier: "ESA Sends First Images of Venus " and "NASA employees mark shuttle anniversary"

"Microsoft Searching in Academia" - this reminds me of something...hmmm...where have I heard of something almost exactly like this before? Oh wait I remember now. (Sorry to all my Microsoft employed friends...)

"Virtual reality gets real"

I honestly can't believe I am posting a link to this. (If you are not a Quicktime/Apple fan there are more links here to other formats).

For those of you who celebrate Easter - Happy Easter! For everyone - Happy Weekend! Hope you are able to enjoy this nice spring weather. Of course, it is in the 70s and I am inside on my computer doing work...but...but I did go outside today for like 15 minutes. I can see the outside...does that count?

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