Friday, April 28, 2006

Final Friday

"Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain

Today, the class I teach takes their exam. Yep, I think we are the last exam being run. Seriously - up on the engineering campus anyway. This part of campus is pretty much dead.

As I handed out the exam I remembered why I don't always love Word so much. There was multiple choice on the exam. When I went to make my solution key - I noticed a small error. I am talking one character change! So I fixed it and printed out a new version. Took it to be copied. Anyway, I handed them out to my class to find that it had altered the multiple choice headers from A, B, C, D to A, A, A, A! Ugh! Oh and it did it to the first 2 pages of multiple choice, but not the third?!?

I just don't get it. It was a tad annoying. Nothing that bad - I had them circle the correct choice since there was absolutely nothing I could do about it at this point. Well, it was better then last term when I skipped question number 4. I had number 3 followed by number 5. Yep, I am a grad student - no I can't count :)

Here is some news you might care about (or not):
"Science may hold the clue to an ancient riddle"

For your inner geek: "Charge-n-Start: jump your car from the driver's seat"

"Wal-marts Wikipedia War" - I just think I will say, no comment on this one...

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