Thursday, April 6, 2006

Linky, Linky...

"Just trust me, it's a math thing." - Sam Carter (Stargate SG-1)

Today in class we learned all about Amdahl's law. Bascially (the nuts and bolts definition) Amdahl's law tells us that regardless of the number of processors we have, there is a ceiling for the value of the speed-up we can obtain (from adding additional processors). Amdahl's law has significant influence on parallel computing.

Edit: (added link I forgot to post the first time) "Chameleon clothing lets you vanish into the background"

"NBC Tries Speed Ads"

"RFID Robot: Someone to Watch Over Me"

"'Link' Between Fish and Land Animals Found"

Well, I better get going I have to try and figure out how to write a make file for C++. I has been what like 5 years since I have written one of those. Ugh. I have to write it for this evening. Good thing there is Google.

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