Monday, October 25, 2004

Wacky Site 6: Would you believe....

Hello again! It is Monday and I have brought you another wacky site - The Get Smart Page. I know you are asking that always important question - Why? And this time I have a good answer.

This weekend I was home visiting my parents. My mother told my father to "86 it" when we were looking for through some apples (so we could make carmel apples). My thought was - is that why Maxwell Smart was agent 86? Max Smart was the main character in the 1960's TV show Get Smart played by Don Adams. It appears that I was correct (or at least someone else believes it too). I think that is just extremely clever (or maybe that is just me). The internet is just peachy for finding out information.

Now I just have to find were the phase "take a gander" comes from a phase I just don't understand the origin. A gander is a duck and "take a duck" doesn't make any sense. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

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