Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Quote 7: "Well I am sorry, but I find Iceland extremely fascinating..."

"Well I am sorry, but I find Iceland extremely fascinating, and I will not rest until I have visited the ice hotel" -- Meg Cabot (Princess in Love)

You didn't think I could bring up books and not point out one of my favorite authors did you? OK, so yes I have this weird obsesssion with these wonderful books. I remember high school and it is a difficult time in a person's life (and I went to an all girls high school). It is nice to look back at it and laugh about it. Maybe that is why I like these books so much.

Now I know the question you are thinking is - why? Why on earth did she pick that quote? I picked it because well I have often had odd fascinations with topics. Yep. Several in fact. Including: witch craft in Salem, Egyption history, Egyptian writings, Roman lifestyles - just to mention a few. While I was taking a class on Roman lifestyles, I would tell people about it all the time. I think everyone was tired of hearing about it. I have made similar statements - including the one about one day owning a large house in Florida or another warm climate on the ocean (or the Gulf of Mexico). It is like a goal in life to one day live there.

So now you know two things: 1) My goal to live in FL and 2) That I am more wacko then you thought. Well, I feel that this blog has served it's purpose ;-) Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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