Saturday, June 10, 2006

What does Ikea and shoes have in common?

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Recently (i.e., Wednesday) an Ikea store open Michigan (Canton, Michigan to be exact). To read more about the open go here. I went on Friday morning because I am not insane (however, the jury is still out on that one). It was interest and fun. They had (and I bought) an ice cube trays in the shape of puzzle pieces ($1.50). There was interesting apartment like set ups in real apartment sizes. Actually, one of them was smaller than my apartment when I lived in Ohio. You could actually see how much (and by that I mean little) funiture you could actual fit. Furniture was interest and reasonably priced. Now I just need to save up money to buy a piece of funiture :-)

After a really long week (the class I am teaching the lab for learned about classes this week for those readers who are programmers) I took part of Friday as a shopping day. I also learned that I have an addiction to clearance shoes (and especially sandals). This week I have purchased a total of three pairs of shoes. Hense forth, I have set a goal of not buying any more shoes until next month. Of course, in my own defense the shoes were 50% off and really cute.

So lets move away from one of my many short comings and discuss other stuff. I am still looking for music recommendations. Seriously, I will take any :-) I listen to a wide range. This morning it was Judy Garland. Yesterday it was Enya , on Thursday it was Matchbox Twenty, and on Wednesday it was a little Tchaikovsky. Anyway, drop a comment if you think of anything. Thanks!

In real news:

A science article that by title only sounds completely convince (and developed by people way smarter than myself: "Nano-tip could play integral part in heat-assisted data storage devices"

"Robot with the human touch feels just like us"

Because we were all dying to know: "Spike 'wrote world's best joke'"

Well, I better get back to my attempt at coding using FuzzyJ now that I have finished the grading for my lab section. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the latest blog! Until next time...

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