Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Final Tuesday Fun

"Well, I like my quirks. I think they make me unique." - Lois (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman)

Today is the last lab I am teaching. It is really, really nice. Of course, I still have many hours of office hours and grading todo, but the summer I term is coming to a close.

My research actually has some forward motion! I finally figured something out. Oh and I decided that Joone was not what I needed. Unfortunately, I do need to brush up on linear regression which isn't exactly my field of study. OK. so I took some stats and I did use it a little in my masters project. However, I am not really that 100% sure if I am ever doing it correctly. I also just hope that I did the programming correctly (or those who wrote excel did).

Anyway, enough of that. Here are some links to stuff you may (but lets all face probably not) find interesting:
Survey says what we all thought it would say: "Computers break down less often: survey"

Another we-are-totally-grasping-at-straws research study that makes us ask: why? "Men's sexual orientation depends on number of older brothers: study"

Everyone is trying to one up everyone else: "Take a Test Drive - Keep the Car!"

Are you bored this summer? For those of you who really, really love apple and old apple ads or those who just want to waste a few hours: Old Ads from Apple

Every wander about colors and the web? Well look no further: "The use of colour". (Don't worry this website is done using a very safe color that is generally protraded as good. Hense why blue is very commonly used on the web).

Well, I better get back to office hours and the likes. I am going to just live a school for the next few days. I am running about 9 hours of office hours this week. Hopefully, all the students will finish their assignments. Hopefully, I will finish my coding as well. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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