Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Rambles...

"Nero Wolfe gets what Nero Wolfe wants, or he throws a tantrum and I get fired." - Archie ("A Nero Wolfe Mystery")

"Photos Taken of 'Living Fossil' in Laos"

This must be a very popular area of study: "Wine researchers at U.S. university seek genetic answers to ancient headaches"

OK, is it just me or doesn't almost everything "contribute" to global warming? "Night flights contribute to global warming, says new study"

It has been a long and interesting week. I actually came out to school a day early for scheduling reasons. I will be happy to get back to the quiet neightborhood of my parents. Actually, my apartmnet complex is pretty quiet, except for the sprinklers spraying the window of my bedroom at 12:10 am. It tends to get a little annoying because it lasts for like 20 minutes. I have been getting up earlier in the mornings and hence trying to go to bed earlier so I can still function without large amounts of caffine.

My only really good news (worthy of sharing) is the fact that I finally fixed one (of many) problems I was having with my FuzzyJ code. I had declared the fuzzy variable range to be between 1 and 100. I then was getting an error about the value being outside the set of disclosure. It turned out that I needed the fuzzy variable to be between 0 and 100. I would say the whole thing was pretty funny if I hadn't spent 2 days trying to find the problem.

(Shaking fist a code/computer while yelling bah!) Anyway, that problem fixed. Now I just have to fix the rest of it...

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