Friday, July 1, 2005

Wonderful World of Shoes

"Courage is the power to let go of the familiar." - Raymond Lindquist (author)

Today being the first day of my four day weekend I decided to take a little time off from my homework (take-home exam) and do a little shopping. I bought two pairs of shoes (black) and a skirt (black). I got one pair of flat shoes and one with a very short heal. The shoes were more than 50% off - so it was a "fab" deal. The shoes of course can be worn with the skirt. While I was wondering around the store I realized how much 60's stuff was coming out. Of course, I also noticed that sweaters are going to be "in" this year - yippee. As many of you know I wear a lot of sweaters.

Well, enough about my little shopping trip. Lets see what you might find that interests you:

Final frontier news: Discovery is going to be launched on July 13th. Good news for space fans: you can watch NASA’s Deep Impact crash into a comet (July3-4) via the web.

Microsoft and IBM news: Microsoft owes IBM $775 Million in their antitrust settlement.

Lost a frog or a snail? They have found some. Speaking of nature, hedgehogs don't like gardens that aren't haphazard.

This is a unique way to get people to read more. Also, this article is so funny I just had to post a link to it.

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