Friday, July 15, 2005

Hey, It's Friday

"Let's not be too quick to exclude the possibility that the woman might be, uh... what is the clinical term? 'nuts'?" - Dr. Rodney McKay (Stargate Atlantis)

Well it's Friday and we know what that means - SciFi Friday! Just like all the previous years they are running the Get in the Gate contest. Yes, I am excited that there are going to have new episodes this evening. Plus, my parents recently bought a DVD recorder (finally) so we are going to record it "high-tech" this year. (But, I did set my VCR recorder at my apartment to tape just in case we experience technical difficulties because this is one of the first times we are going to try and record a show with it).

The sad thing is - I have so much project work and take-home exam to do that I will probably not watch all three shows this evening - hense the taping. Yep, I am trying to get a lot done on my project and my take-home. The take-home is due Wednesady and it looks pretty tough. My project is an on-going thing that sucks all the hours out of your life ;-) But, I actually have a few slides done - of course the project itself nor the 10 page paper that go along with it are not done. But I figure .7 out of 3 ain't a bad start. But enough of my rambling.

News you might feel like looking at:
A planet outside our solar system has been found. The planet has one really cool feature - 3 suns.

This is just too ducky not to blog: "Fujitsu Debuts Bendable Electronic Paper". This is "the world's first film substrate-based bendable color electronic paper with an image memory function". How cool is that?

Here is a fun free logic game.

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