Saturday, July 2, 2005

Happy Weekend!

"This is the vault. Or as some of us like to call it: The Freak Show." - Dr. Okun (Independence Day)

Happy Weekend! This is going to sound weird, but I like this time of year. Did you just ask why? Well, in Michigan Ford planets are on shut down for a couple of weeks. Therefore, most of Michigan aren't home. You can totally tell when you go to the mall or resturants. Plus, with this being 4th of July weekend everyone is up north. Just between you and me, I never understood the Michigan obsession with visiting or having a shack up north but hey if it makes these people happy who am I to critize. OK, so you can buy really good fudge up there, but there are lots of places to get fudge that are much closer.

Weekend News you might be interested in:

Google has decided to share it's map technology with other web developers. "Google's technology is free to any Web site that uses it for applications offered free to consumers". Ducky.

An interesting article in USA Today by Andrew Kantor about the Grokster decision by the Supreme Court.

"Japanese sets new mathematics record for reciting 'pi'".

Late breaking science news: How Ice Melts - no I am not kidding.

Lost and Found: New Da Vinci Sketch's were found underneath some of his other work.

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