Monday, July 11, 2005

Yet Another "Manic Monday"

"Enjoy your party. I think everyone's blocked off all of eight minutes." - President Josiah Bartlet (The West Wing)

It feels like a manic day - so much to do so little time. The weekend is not long enough. Take-home exams and projects are completely filling up my time. So, I am sure the number of blogs I write will decrease as well. Of course, I would have time to write more if I could get my banana to peel. It is so got to be Monday - I am having a fight with a piece of fruit. Of course, now I have a smashed banana...

Anyway, moving on from my problems - here are some news articles you might find interesting:

IBM is making two new chips - these new PowerPC chips have "64-bit cores" and each contain "dedicated 1MB of level-two cache memory".

There will be 107 cameras around the Discovery shuttle to monitor it as it launches. They will also take pictures from teh International Space Station when the shuttle docks.

This just sounds so cool: "Using a network of radio antennae across the Netherlands and Europe's most powerful supercomputer, scientists hope to unlock the secrets of the early universe". Ducky.

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