Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Just Another Wednesday Blog

"I killed a mirror. And my shower door." - Mort (Secret Window)

Edit: Wishing you had more time? Well this year you will gain an extra second.

The other day during dinner I watched Secret Window. That is one wacky movie with a weird ending. Of course it is based on a Stephen King book so that was expected. The main character (Mort) was played by Johnny Depp. I was surprised to see Timothy Hutton (who played the boyfriend to Mort's former wife) in this movie. Everyone was well picked and it was a very good movie. I totally recommend it.

There is just not much news to report about. I think it's a slow news day (well in the technology world it is anyway). However, I would like to point you in the direction of this article about using fingernails to store information. It is cool and yet scary at the same time. By the way, George Mason University is building $800 robots.

By the way, I find this so unbelievable (you would almost think this was fake).

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