Thursday, July 7, 2005

A Powerbook Died to Bring You This Data...

On Wednesday evening my PowerBook G4 died (sigh). The poor thing. However, it did allow me to boot it up one last time (for like 5 minutes) which allowed me to grab my masters project data and files. Thank goodness I had backups but there was work from earlier that day that hadn't gotten backed up. It wouldn't have made such a difference if I hadn't agreed to turn a bunch of work into my project advisor by noon on Thursday. However, the Powerbook is now dead - very dead. I took it to the Apple store this evening. They believe that the logic board has died. They don't think it is the hard drive. So anyone know good ways of getting my files and stuff off the old one? It won't boot, but the fan works really well.

As a "hopefully-one-of-these-days-really-soon-you-finish-your-project-and-get-your-masters" present my parents bought me a brand new Powerbook G4 (and 3 years of AppleCare). Which I am really excited about - it has Tiger already one it. I am still installing software onto it so I can work on my project. I have been putting music into my library. It has been a long time since I listened to Matchbox Twenty (Mad Season CD). Oh and I got a 4GB iPod Mini (Silver) free (well after I return the mail-in rebate) with my computer. Not that I need an iPod Mini (I have a 3rd generation iPod and an iPod Shuffle) but I really couldn't turn down free.

So I have a new computer. I really miss my music collection (which I am hoping to restore most of it from my iPod and iPod shuffle) and my bookmarks. But the important part was those 5 minutes I had to get all of my project files. It is of course said because I was really attached to that computer. I had taken it on several trips and it started grad school with me. OK, yes you can laugh - it is kind of funny how attached I have become to the computer. Of course, getting a new updated one does have it's perks. However, my first one will always be very special to me.

Oh and so far I am really liking Tiger. Maybe this weekend I will have time to check out some of the Widgets. Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to find some interesting news articles for you.

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