Saturday, November 26, 2005

Music, Music, Music

"Silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favorite things" - Maria (The Sound of Music)

I got the 2-Disc special edition of The Sound of Music. I have been watching the special features. Anyway, all of the songs are now stuck in my head now. Like many of the Rodgers and Hammerstein creations, the songs are simply and easy to remember (hense why the lyrics get stuck in your head). There has been a lot of work to restore the movie (the faces don't seem so blurry). Anyway, if you have never scene it - you should. Even if you don't like musicals you should see it. Yes, there is singing, but there is a complex story line mixed in.

Speaking of singing: "Scientists discover singing iceberg"

Science meets archaeology: "Man from 1,500 years ago had violent death"

Maybe I have been approaching graduate school the wrong way...

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