Tuesday, November 8, 2005

It's Gonna Be a Long Day

Opps. Forgot to post this yesterday! Silly me.

"Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog." - Doug Larson

Maybe I should change the title to "It's Gonna Be a Long Week". It is November and there aren't that many weeks left in the term. I try not to think about it actually. Because then I would have to acknowledge all the work I still have to jam into the next weeks. I also am trying to avoid thinking about final exams, because I really don't like taking exams. I like studying for exams, I am a huge fan of studing for exams. It's the taking part I don't really like. Speaking of exams - I have one on Thursday (in computer networks).

I finally figured out what class I want to take in the Spring. It is going to one wild semester. I am going to take a class in computer architecture and a class on analysis of algorithms. Hmmm...I am going to need to hunt down my books on the topic over break so I can review some stuff. I think it is going to be 2 fun classes. They are going to be in the morning this time, which is nice because them I will actually get up. Wait here is a funny thought, I think the algorithm's class I am taking this time is being run at the same time is the class I took at a different university. Wacky.

OK, so enough about me. Lets move on to what you really came for - links.

Child's Play has started up again this year. If you are a fan of Penny Arcade then I am sure you have heard about it.

"History's Worst Software Bugs". I took a class about reliable computing when I first started grad school and we discussed several of the cases here. I think we also covered a little of it during a class I took about ethics for software engineers. Anyway, good article.

Interesting little article: "Flash Memory Boom"

Well, I better get going. I have to work on preping lecture for my class next week and studying for my exam.

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