Saturday, November 19, 2005

I don't blog during class...

...just group projects. Actually, I am kidding. I am just taking a short break from by JSP/servlet project. In reality I should be working on a different project for a different class, but clearly I'm not since I am typing this blog.

The title to this blog comes from my reading of this article and the fact that during the last lecture I gave about 20+ people (out of 58) had laptops and clearly none of them were paying the least bit of attention. Which of course might explain their confussion on their current assignment...

I am sure that a couple of the students were actually following along with the notes - the ones sitting in the front couple rows. However, all the people in the back I know were playing online games. I really do know since the grad student I co-teach with sat in the back of the room last lecture and was therefore able to confirmed my suspicion. Maybe if I incorporated gaming into my class more people would pay attention. Hmm... that gives me an idea for next lecture.

The inch of snow that the west side of Michigan had last Wednesday/Thursday night has melted (it is 53 degrees today). Of course, thenext couple days is suppose to be in the mid 40s and drop to 35 on Tuesday. Then we begin the up-and-down weather typical of Michigan. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Yikes. Two weeks of class left and then I can catch up on important stuff like sleep and write the final exam for my class. Several of the students were asking me about the final on Thursday. It was funny when one of them finally stated "you haven't written it yet have you?"

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