Wednesday, November 23, 2005


"Wait, we can not break bread with you. You have taken the land which is rightfully ours. Years from now my people will be forced to live in mobile homes on reservations. Your people will wear cardigans, and drink highballs. We will sell our bracelets by the road sides, and you will play golf, and eat hot h'ors d'ourves. My people will have pain and degradation. Your people will have stick shifts. The gods of my tribe have spoken. They said do not trust the pilgrims, especially Sarah Miller. And for all of these reasons I have decided to scalp you and burn your village to the ground." - Wednesday (Addams Family Values)

It is snowing! Again! In Novemeber? What is this?!?

The new Enya CD (Amarantine) came out yesterday! Been listening to it and I highly recommend it. It is great background music. I have a feeling it is going to be one of those CDs that I listen to over and over. But you don't have to take my word for how good the CD is...

Latest from Google: Google Book Search. I really have tried it and found some useful info this way. (Of course, it wasn't that important of information).

Another one of those weird news article titles "Movie studios, BitTorrent sign anti-piracy pact"

No comment.

New gadget for your cell phone.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all know your turkeys personally (it is times like these were I am glad I don't eat meat).

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